View Full Version : Awesome meet with founder of perfect pass

07-27-2011, 05:51 PM
Just drove 3 hrs to grab my perfect pass wake edition from Gary the founder. Awesome Guy, store would have been closed by the time I would have been here so I met the owner at his place. Explain everything about the install which is pretty straight forward. Noowwww this is what I called service. Now tomorrow the install of my new toy.:-)

07-27-2011, 06:22 PM
I couldn't agree more!!! Swapped a few emails with them Monday, talked to Gary on the phone and he has even answered a few more questions and made install suggestions by email overnight. Awesome people and awesome product. Hoping to finish up my install tonight - ran out of daylight yesterday!

Heck as a courtesy they even shipped it halfway around the world for me overnight priority so I could have it in before we go on vacation!

07-27-2011, 09:33 PM
That's why I drove 6 hours to go get it. Leaving on vacation in the morning. How long did it take you to install it??

07-27-2011, 10:14 PM
Gary was also my saving grace when I had a small problem with my PP a while back. Spoke with him on the phone and some emailing. Super guy that really cares about his customers. Wish there were more like him.

07-28-2011, 12:11 AM
Start to finish would have been about two hours but I had some trial and error going on. Started last night messing around and test fitting - got the servo motor and cable installed, the old speedo out and the PP gauge in. Only into it about an hour and it got too dark on me.

Mine is the mechanical setup and the engine TBI so no drive by wire for me. My spark arrestor has a fiberglass cowl sort of thing that covers the whole top of the engine and was hitting both the servo motor as well as the new linkage setup. I had to do some notching and cutting on that to make everything fit and clear so that slowed me down a little.

My speedos also piggy backed off each other for the paddle wheel connection so when I pulled the connections on the right side, the left side would have been dead. Had to resplice some wiring so that took a little extra time too. Other than that stuff, which is probably not very common, it was a very smooth and easy install and wiring everything up was cake. The included instructions and pictures were pretty straightforward.

I mounted the GPS puck under the dash and my boat was tucked between some big trees and the side of the house so wasn't sure I'd get a good signal. I turned on the ignition and it took longer than I was expecting (like 10-12min) but the GPS picked up just fine.

Was hoping to do a quick test run tonight before heading out on vacation tomorrow but my buddy was on the river already and his report was 20mph wind and major whitecaps so it was a no-go. :( I'm confident it will work great once we hit the water though.

07-28-2011, 11:37 AM
I just finished installing mine last night... Other than a tight fit because of the sub box it was a super easy install! Hopefully the wind does down tonight so ican try it out!