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03-03-2003, 12:53 AM
Hey. I'll be putting a 700 lb. fat sack in the back storage compartment in my Mobius. I know some people have been talking about the gas tank right under this and it could damage it. I've also heard of people making a "floor" in the storage area so that it won't damage the gas tank. Does anybody have any information on this? Also, What kind of damage would it do to the gas tank? Thanks.

03-03-2003, 02:13 AM
My understanding is that it will do exactly as you stated "damage the gas tank". I have seen people make wood floors to go across the back and then put the sac on top of it. I put two 50lb sand bags in the back of mine and just that weight alone pulled the floor a little down on my boat, nothing major but I could only imagine what a 700lb sac would do.

I have my boat weighted with 2 sacs in the typical locations, ski locker and under the rear seat which totals to about 1,000lbs.

03-03-2003, 11:27 AM
I have added two fat sacs to the trunk area. I did replace the floor with a 2x10 and a 2x12 both 75" long. Both tanks fill off the factory fill pump. I have replied to other posts on this matter so you might find them on here somewhere. I do have fairly detailed instructions and a lot of pictures. If you would like I can e-mail them to you. It is an awesome system and really improves the wake. As for "damaging" the gas tank I don't think it is a problem the wood keeps the weight on the outside edges of the tank(not the middle).
I ran all summer (173 hours) last year without a problem.

03-03-2003, 04:15 PM
Yellowmobius, if you could, please send the instructions and pictures to wakeboarder@ezclick.net Thanks.