View Full Version : Error 1 on Tach

07-21-2011, 03:16 PM
I started getting and "Error 1" on my tach where the Hours normally display. The only thing that stopped working was the + and - on my cruise control. My dealership says they want me to bring the boat in to check the ECM. Has anyone else had this problem?

05-11-2014, 11:23 AM
This just happened to me. Please help it's all hooked up and about to head to the lake

05-11-2014, 06:46 PM
Nobody's had this happen?

05-16-2014, 01:32 PM
We'll I just got of the phone with the dealer. While on hold they called Skiers Choice who said that I needed a new Tach. I told them the Tach works fine it just shows Error 1 instead of hrs. Apparently even if the Tach works fine if I want to know my hours now I have to spend $200.