View Full Version : Thinking of parting ways with my Kicker KMT6's....interested?

07-18-2011, 06:40 PM
I'm thinking of parting ways with my Kicker KMT6s. I'm not sure how old they are as they were on the boat when I bought it. They still sound great and look good with one exception, one of the round parts of the speaker grill was broken when a a handle hit it while it was looped around the pull point on the tower. When someone told me it happened it took me a minute to notice it.

I will take a picture this weekend when we are out.

Would anyone be interested?

I'm not sure on cost yet so make an offer if interested. I'm in no hurry because I can make it through the summer before selling them. One of my winter projects is to change my tower setup. If an acceptable offer comes I can possibly speed up the upgrade time... :D