View Full Version : tonneau cover snap removal

07-15-2011, 06:53 PM
Anybody every removed there snaps from there boat that hold on the tonneau cover? If so how hard was it to fill the holes and how did it turn out. Is this something a dealership could do?

07-15-2011, 07:49 PM
Its very easy to remove them... you could just buy some gelcoat match the color then thicken it up with some cabosil and fill the holes

ian ashton
07-17-2011, 12:25 PM
More importantly, why would you want to do this?

07-18-2011, 12:43 AM
You could also get those plastic 'caps' to just cover them. i think they come in different colors to match your gel-coat. I have never tried it myself, I use my bow and cockpit cover, frequently.