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07-14-2011, 12:05 PM
Hi, my son's birthday is this week and today he is getting a 5'6" Grind Water Mauka surfboard. We are going to try to build a nice wave behind our 2001 Outback LS this weekend. Never done it before. I'm sure we can get him up and going easy enough on that big board as light as he is, but it might be more difficult when it's Dad's turn. Any tips?

This should be the same boat as any 2001-2005 Outback LS or Mobius LS. I have 5 flyhigh sacs. One that is I think a 360 or so pound sac I normally keep in the ski locker; and then 4 400 pound v drive sacs. I'd love your suggestions on placement.

My first guess would be to fill the ski locker sac completely in the ski locker; take 1 400 pound v drive sac and put it next to the engine compartment in the floor and pushed toward the back as far is will go; take another one and put it horizontal on the same side behind the engine compartment (forming an 800 pound L); take one and fill it as far as it will fill under the rear bench seat on teh same side (will only probably fill about 1/2 to 2/3rds there); and take the final one and fill it - but only about halfway or so - int eh rear ski locker (I've heard that floor is not strong and there is a gas tank under there so not to stress it too much but I'm thinking that 200 pounds or so spread over 48 inches should not be a problem. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

07-14-2011, 12:41 PM
I just started surfing and I am no expert by any means but I have the same hull as you. I have a 360# bag in the ski locker and a 400# hard tank under the rear bench. I use a 750# bag next to the motor box. It throws a decent wave but I am not able to go ropeless yet. I am 6'2" 215 and ride the CWB Ride board (Maybe too slow)and I ride regular. My buddy who is about 30 pounds less than me and about 5'10" rides goofy and he was able to go ropeless. We had it dialed in with that setup at 10.5 mph and the wake plate was between 1\4 to halfway up. I have found that the wave doesn't really have enough push for me and the pocket seems to be rather short...This week we just bought an additonal 750# bag that we are going to put at a 45 degree angle on the rear seat and the 750# bag along the engine box. This should help with the push and height of the wave. I believe I need more weight up front to extend the pocket but even when we added an adult and a couple of kids it didn't really seem to make it much better....work in progress. I won't be able to try out the new bag until probably next weekend...

Not sure if that helps at all but maybe it will give you a starting point...

07-14-2011, 12:55 PM
The way you described your setup is a good starting point ,adding weight on the fuel tank is not a good idea ,
My setup front ski locker sack half rear hard balast full 400 on floor behind engine to right side forming an L driver will have to play with the wake plate to clean up the wake it's different every time with the added weight of people on board,between 10-11 MPH I have no problem keeping up with the boat at a slightly higher speed.
I also surf with no balast 2 people on board with no problem using an obrian alias 5.0 and twin tip (180 LBS)