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07-11-2011, 12:45 PM
So a while back I saw someone had posted that their dealer would sell them the new Chrome Moomba letters for the side of the boat and if I recall the price was very good. The local dealer here didnt sell them. I saw them this weekend and I WANT some!

We went to a MC/Moomba demo day at our lake and the new XLV had them and I definitley want to order some for my boat. I think they look much more fitting for a $50k+ boat versus black and white stickers. Anyone know a good place to order them from? Moomba direct perhaps?

As for the boats they had a Supra 21V, Moomba XLV, Mastercraft X2, X15, X25. I have to say that those MC boats were VERY VERY nice, the X25 has so much room for a 22ft boat. The price tag however was $102k........ You could see there was a pretty big difference between the 21V and an X25 but I don't know if there was a 35-40k difference. Still that X25 was one of the best laid out and finished boats I have seen. Just gotta buy another lottery ticket today I guess.

07-11-2011, 02:41 PM
501 - Hey, I put these on my boat last year, and they made a HUGE difference in the look. I recommend them. Not too hard of a task to put them on, just make sure you measure multiple times before you stick them on, since you've only got one shot. There was a good post on here previously about how to put them on yourself - I followed that pretty closely.

I don't remember the exact cost, but for both sides it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $400... not a cheap one, but a good one. I got them from my local dealer, but you could probably just call SC and ask for them!

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07-11-2011, 03:52 PM
Im all about those chrme decals... But $400 for decals? thats mroe than my boat payment... no thanks... I'll live with the black and white flat decal.

07-11-2011, 05:19 PM
Same story here. I wanted to pic up some new factory graphics for mine...at $350 per side my mind was blown. I actually felt insulted when I was quoted that price.

07-11-2011, 05:27 PM
i would like to have the tribal mobius graphics on mine but yeah, for that much the white "MOOMBA" works fine

07-11-2011, 11:44 PM
I sure like the look of the Chrome Letters but if they really are $350 a side, there is NO way I will spend that, that is high way robbery!

07-12-2011, 11:47 AM
Woa, 350 a side? I wonder if the price went up. I seem to remember paying right around 400, for both sides. Max of 500. It wasn't over that.

Canuckle Head
07-12-2011, 11:50 AM
Call Active Water Sports in Portland Oregon and get them to give you a quote:

07-12-2011, 12:07 PM
To clarify, my $350 per side quote was for the Gravity Games emblem that is on the 2008 Supra's.

07-12-2011, 01:30 PM
Got the quote from my local dealer. To do the sides, back and the XLV at the corner, the price was $730. Just to do the sides was $480.

Guess the stickers will be staying............

Canuckle Head
07-12-2011, 02:47 PM
Got the quote from my local dealer. To do the sides, back and the XLV at the corner, the price was $730. Just to do the sides was $480.

Guess the stickers will be staying............

Call AWS in Portland. Seriously, they can ship them to Canada for you no problem. Even if you have to pay tax on them I'm pretty sure it will be cheaper than that!

07-12-2011, 04:09 PM
501 - Did that price include installation? That might be where the price difference came from. I put them on myself. It really wasn't all that hard, just have to be patient with it.

07-12-2011, 11:05 PM
Nope that price did NOT include installation. Lets be honest, that is some serious mark up, like 400% or more. They are just plastic letters. Although they are pretty looking plastic letters and i wish I had some.