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07-10-2011, 09:14 PM
While the Forum was down Wednesday We were out in the Outback and after about 2 Runs Wakeboarding the Fuel Pump started Whining. I assumed Vapor Lock when it started cutting out as we accelerated. I replaced the Fuel Filter because I had one in the boat. It was still cutting out, but the whining got a little quieter. I've read the old post about this and will check the strainer on the fuel pump. The Dealer said 1.5 hours labor $135 to test the pump,$250- $315 (Depending on which one it has) for the pump and $180 Labor if it needs to be replaced. They say ethanol related. There is a fuel pump for the Assault on DIM for $71. How can I tell if that one will work? How difficult is changing out the fuel pump? (Assault 325 Fuel Injected with 107 hrs). Still Whining!

Thanks as always, Thanks for the help!!