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07-05-2011, 03:50 PM
In my various searches on fuel line and fuel pump problems I found a step-by-step fuel pump maintenance instruction that may be of value to others.


If below applies to you then this might help:

Some of the symptoms of this condition are:
1. Intermittent delivery of fuel or low fuel volume delivery by the pump.
2.No delivery of fuel by the pump even though the pump motor can be
heard electrically operating.
3.Pump can be heard operating but no fuel delivery. When pump is tapped
with a wrench or other object, it starts pumping again.

The SOLUTION for these fuel pump maintenance problems is to remove
the fuel pump from the engine, disassemble the impeller assembly and
chamber, clean the chamber, impeller and its vanes, reassemble the pump
and reinstall the pump on the engine.