View Full Version : Need help! High RPM - engine stalls/PerfectPass Display goes blank

07-05-2011, 12:15 PM
Need help to diagnose engine problem. High RPM - engine stalls/PerfectPass Display goes blank

Started to have a problem with my 2007 LSV this summer. Here is the background:

• Boat has no problem starting (cold or hot)
• When running lower speeds (10-11 mph wakesurfing) boat runs fine
• When running higher speeds ( 30mph skiing) boat will lose power/stall after 30 seconds to a couple minutes into the run.
• Boat will lose power/stall within 5-10 seconds when running full throttle

Now here is the interesting thing. When the boat stalls, the PerfectPass display (PerfectPass is not enabled) goes blank at the same time. When watching the display when this happens, I can’t tell if the PP display goes blank first and then the engine stalls or the engine stalls and then the PP display goes blank. They appear to happen at the same time. I have replaced the fuel filter and added new gas (no difference in engine behavior). I have also noticed a couple times that the PP display will go blank and the engine will continue to run.

Anyone experience something like this or have any thoughts?

2007 LSV
Indmar Assualt 325hp EFI Engine
110 Total Hours
Oil dipstick & pressure gauge reading is fine
Engine temperature reading appears normal - between 160 and 180 F
Fuel filter replaced at 106 Hours on Engine
20 Gallons of 89 Octane fuel with Marine Stabilizer added to existing ~5 gallons of fuel at 108 Engine Hours