View Full Version : Error 1 message on tach

07-04-2011, 08:51 PM
On the lake today boat wouldn't start. turn key nothing except tach and speedo would move. Then a couple more times it starts up. Runs no problems. Start about 10 more times over the day run fine all day wakeboarded, skied, tubbed no problems. Now I have error message on tach say error 1. Tach works it dead on with my stargazer perfect pass. Any Ideas.

07-11-2011, 05:08 PM
I will also be interested in the Error 1. I started getting it last weekend, everything is ok except my Cruse Control will not allow me to make + or - adjustments once it is set.

08-20-2018, 06:00 PM
I ran into this same problem in May with my 2008 XLV. I was told by Faria/Beede (gauge manufacturer) that this is a common problem with the gauge. If you connect the battery with the ignition on, the voltage spike damages the hour meter. I emailed a Faria tech who informed me that Faria will only repair Faria gauges. Older Beede gauges are not repaired by Faria.

I ordered a new Tach from Atlanta Marine after and after installation noticed that the hour meter was not incrementing. The meter did not say Error 1 it just stayed on 0.0. Called Atlanta Marine back and was told the new meter was bad. I was initially told an additional new meter would be shipped out. Then I was told the meter was on back order. Now I am being told a new tach/Hourmeter is unavailable and will not be manufactured.

Now I am in August and just got my refund for the bad meter and can not get a new (not real happy with Atlanta Marine or Skiers Choice) On a better note I decided to take the old Hour meter apart for a look. The Tach/Hour meter has 5 pins on the back. One of the pins is labeled RST (which I assume stands for reset). I took a 12vDC power supply to power up the meter and applied +12vDC to the RST pin. The hourmeter has now reset to 0.0 and after a few minutes appears to be incrementing at least to 0.1.