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04-05-2005, 04:18 PM
I was wondering, If you do not ski in competitions, Do you set goals for yourself in order to improve your skiing? I do not compete and I do ski for just the fun of it. I do however set goals for myself; like working on a turn or skiing longer or trying to find rhythem. I enjoy being on the water and I do enjoy the pleasure of skiing and I know that I won't enter a competition but I would still like to improve. How about you?

04-06-2005, 11:59 PM
You don't have to compete to set goals of faster and shorter.
I skied for almost 20 years 15off at 30mph. On a good day if things felt right I would go to 22 off or maybe up to 32.

Then just last year I decided I needed to change something so I just upped my speed. first to 32 and now somewhat regularly at 34. Whenever I make a change like that my goal is almost always the same - try to make 8 good turns before falling. I try to get consistent with the 8 turn thing. I am also toying with shortening the rope again.

One other thing I did last year was to switch my grip. As a RFF skiier everyone tells me I should have my left hand on top, but I started way back with right hand on top. So last year I set a goal of changing to left hand on top. This year I am going to try to actually get out of the water that way. All year last year I got up with right hand top and then switched.

I have spent some time in the course and did try a few tournaments way-back-when, but it really is the family/friendship and the skiing that keeps me on the water.

When I feel I am in a rut I will shorten the rope way short. My current rope has a loop at 41 off, and you bet I have tried it. Only at 30, and only a few turns. It's nuts. But it gives me an idea how hard it is so I can kind of judge how hard the other increments might be. It also helps me realize it is not impossible to go shorter. This has helped my regain my confidence at higher speeds and shorter ropes.

Take a lot of movies, watch them. When you like what you see - go faster, go shorter. Then take a lesson from a reputable pro.

Other goals: Get a lake place (done), get a portable course (maybe this year, maybe next).

Have a good season..