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07-04-2011, 11:29 AM
Yesterday started out gloomy in the northwest so it seems a lot of people cancelled their boating plans. Which was great for me. Took out 5 twenty somethings from work (I am 40 something :) ) including one complete noob who learned to wakeboard yesterday. We were on the water from 11:00am until almost 7:00 and saw few other boats out. No issues at the ramp either putting in or taking out. By 2:00, we started seeing slivers of blue sky and by 4:00 or so, it was a total bluebird day, just gorgeous, air temps in the high 70's, water temp int he low 60's. We all took turns wakeboarding and surfing, only stopping to change riders and switch out bags when we changed from boarding to surfing. Put 5 engine hours on the boat (got 199.4 on her as of today). Boat ran flawlessly as always, the new Acme 1847 prop performed great, ballast system worked perfectly, the heater got lots of use, and the stereo pounded all day without issue. Just a great boating day altogether.

Hope everyone that took their boats out found some good water this weekend and got thru amateur weekend without mishap.

Sorry, no pics to share - too busy enjoying the day :) .


07-04-2011, 12:00 PM
Yep we got out for the first real time yesterday... 30 degrees C (you do the conversion lol) and blue ski all day hardly a breath of wind. Surfed boarded tubed swam it was a great day all around. And when we got in the father in law had been fishing and limited out so we had a big fish fry for supper. Only bummer of the day was i twisted my ankle on the last run trying a tantrum.. back foot released but front didn't. She's pretty purple and blue today. Put just shy of 6 hours on the clock...


07-04-2011, 04:02 PM
the heater got lots of use

where is that global warming for you guys up in the pnw, its the 4th of July afterall