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04-02-2005, 12:03 PM
Well, I have had the boat since January and it has yet to see the water. My in-laws are coming to visit Tuesday so I plan to call the dealer and arrange a test drive, it is now boat training season.

Ive done a lot of boating and could probably do this myself but who needs the headache for plugs, lubricants, and details. Why go out and screw something up. If I can work it I plan to bring a couple friends along. I am sometimes at a loss for specific questions but these guys will be driving the boat this summer and I think they should get briefed as well.

Id be interested if anyone here has any madden voyage suggestions or other specific things I should look for or learn.

Things to bring:
Orange flag, anchor, lifejackets, bumpers, etc.
GPS for calibrating speedometer
MP3 CD for stereo checkout (preferably Jimmy Buffett)

Licensing stuff (note this is a new dealer barely set-up, you may have all that done):
Boat letters installed
License plate for trailer
All required documentation on board

Things to learn:
Where all the plugs are and when to use them
Fuel filters, oil filter, oil drain Water filter cleaning
Which bulbs and how do you replace trailer lights all lights.
How to use the flush kit.
How to drain the water out of the motor for winterizing.
(everything else can be done later but every boat owner should be able to do that much)
Periodic MX schedule review
Fuse location, spare fuses, and understand where all the wires are run.
Recommended configuration for stuff carried on boat (where to put it)
Tools (which ones)
Cleaning stuff
Life jackets
When should I switch to synthetic oil?
Practice docking
Practice loading
How to use the Bimini

Things to inspect (based upon way too much time reading about boats):

Gel-coat any issues
Screws through the padding in the back, and anywhere else (into storage areas from trim).

Gas tank integrity (I heard of one with a screw in it).
Ventilation hose from scoop to floor (I heard of one not connected).
Check that all bolts are tight.
Wiring properly located.

I guess what I should really do is e-mail this to my dealer so he knows what Im looking for, that will be next.

Happy Trails,


Brian Raymond
04-04-2005, 10:07 PM
SD2, what a great idea to have your friends, who will be out with you on the demo. Makes sense, and everyone on board is in sync, both driveability wise and all around boat maintenance, loading/unloading procedures, and functions of the new boat. The dealers prep., demo, and your overall inspection are impotant. Keep us posted. Congrats on the new arrival. Brian Raymond