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06-29-2011, 12:58 PM
Me and the wife are going to visit some friends near Atlanta this weekend and are bringing our boat.

We are planning to be on Lake Lanier everyday starting tomorrow. We are going to leave Memphis around 7 AM and hope to put in at what my buddy calls "6 Mile" at about 4. We should be out there every day and staying for the fireworks on Monday night. Then the Trek back to Memphis on Tuesday.

I imagine we will be down at Sunset Cove quite a bit. So if any of you North Georgia guys want to meet up shoot me a PM or keep an eye out for us...

06-29-2011, 01:00 PM
Have a great time! Boat looks fantastic. Be safe on that lake. It can be very BUSY!!!!!!!!

06-29-2011, 01:17 PM
Thanks! Yeah, I hear its busy and there are some REALLY big boats out there! We are planning to do all of our riding in the morning and late afternoon\evening and then float on the rest of the day...

Here 's another...all clean and ready for the road!

06-29-2011, 01:18 PM
Yikes! You're hurting my eyes. Get some of that hull down in the water. :)

06-29-2011, 01:52 PM
You need to go back and get a bigger boat! That lake is nuts on a regular weekend much less the 4th.Good luck and keep you're eyes wide open.

06-29-2011, 02:00 PM
Be safe & have fun!

07-13-2011, 10:40 AM
So, it’s been a little over a week since we came back from this trip and with the server down I haven’t been able to post anything. I don’t have any pictures right now to post I will have to see what my wife got on her camera. It appears that we were having such a good time that we didn’t take many pictures.

Thursday - We left Memphis about 7:30 AM and we were on Lanier by 4:30 that afternoon. First thing we noticed was how clear the water is compared to our lakes around here. I can’t even remember the last time I was in a lake where I could see probably 10 feet beyond my feet while sitting in the water. After being there for 5 days and being on the lake everyday and coming back and hitting one of our lakes here I was completely spoiled by being on Lanier. We are currently trying to relocate so hopefully Lanier will become our home lake.

Anyway, we boarded for a while and were going to try out the new surfboard but we got out the pump and bags that my brother in law let us borrow and the pump doesn’t work…pretty disappointing. We then took a drive over to Sunset Cove and grabbed a bite and a few drinks. Really impressive setup over there. Restaurant, bar and waterpark…nicely done. After eating we stayed out until about 9:00 or 9:30. Our first night ride in the boat. LEDs looked great. Was also my first night load….gotta work on that and a light bar may help as well...heh

Friday - we were on the water by 8:30. Pretty much the entire part of the lake we were on was ours. We were shredding pretty good when it happened…tried to go a little too big and took a pretty hard fall. Came to the surface of the water with the most intense pain I have ever felt in my head! Took about 10 minutes to get me back in the boat and I was done. My buddy road some more and I pulled the kids around on the tube and tried to get my buddies 13 year old up on the wake board but he was having some trouble. Also tried to surf a bit by using my boat ballast and people weight and coolers that we had on board…verdict need more weight and a pump! We stayed out on the water the rest of the day and I felt fine after about 800 mg of Advil and 1000mg of Tylenol.

Saturday – We started calling around places looking for a new ballast pump because after my fall the day before I wanted to take it easy. After calling about 7 places we find one at Singleton marine. We take the what seemed like an hour long drive over, got the pump, and bought a 750# bag and looked at some boats…wheels started spinning on the next boat :cool: …Got on the water about 2 and stayed out until about 6 and surfed the whole time. We could get some slack but none of us could go ropeless. I am now addicted to surfing…(just bought another 750# bag yesterday :D )

Sunday (Party Cove Day) – Sunday we were again on the water before 9. Like on Friday we started boarding right away. My buddy went first and then when his set was done I went I lasted about 5 minutes when it happened again…went out TS and came back in and did a pretty simple HS jump. Landed fine but the pain I had on Friday came back immediately all we can think of is that it was the jarring of the landing. I got back in the boat another 800 mg of Advil and I was done! Didn’t feel right the rest of the day…spacey. We headed back over to Sunset Cove and hung out there until about 630. Was a pretty good time…wife and friends had a blast. I pretty much sat back and played DJ and boat captain after tying up three different times with three different people. Next time we go we will definitely need a longer anchor line. Mine didn’t even come close to the bottom. There are a LOT of really nice and BIG boats on that lake. We have some big boats on Pickwick lake but I haven’t seen so many all at one place before. Big time money in the ATL. We also have a party cove or two at our home lake but neither put together are quite like Sunset Cove…The ride back to the ramp was really rough as it seemed like everyone was leaving at the same time. We make it back to the ramp and I go get my truck and what do I find?? Well a nice note and a private property accident report from the Forsyth county sheriff. Apparently while we were out on the water someone had clipped my front bumper with their boat trailer. They left a note which I was really surprised because I’m not too sure if people would’ve done that here. Guy who hit me apparently had his tri-toon break down 150 yds from the ramp with 12 adults and children on board 30 minutes after launching and he had to swim it back to the ramp. Gets in his truck to pick up his broken down boat and then rips up my bumper…talk about a bad day at the lake! He was nice about it so I wasn’t really all that upset…truck is getting fixed as I type this should be finished today…$1400 in damage.

Monday – We were going to check out the water park today but as we were getting dressed I sneezed and that same pain came right back and that’s when I said something wasn’t right and It was time to pay North Fulton Medical Center a visit. Get to the hospital and we were in and out in less than two hours which is a RECORD! I’ve never been in and out of the ER that fast. Dr. said I had a concussion and was experiencing post concussive syndrome. I’ve had a concussion before but never felt anything like that…Crazy! After that my wife and I decided that it would be best if we cut our trip a day early and get back home so I could rest on Tuesday before going back to work on Wednesday. We left North Georgia around 3 and made it back to Memphis around 10. Didn't catch any fireworks this year...will have to make up for it next year...

Overall we had a really good trip despite the concussion and the banged up truck. Hopefully the next time we’ll be heading down there with a moving truck. If I can find any pictures worth putting up I’ll post them here. I think I have a few of the boats around sunset cove and I know there are a few of me surfing (trying to)…I’ll see what I can come up with…

07-13-2011, 11:34 AM
I live about 15 minutes from Lanier and we love it. I rarely go on the weekend but usually am there M-F after work from about 5-8, my kids are young and that's about all they can handle. The lake is never crowded during the week which is awesome. We were out of town over the 4th so sorry we missed you. Glad you had a good time but real sorry about your truck and your concussion.