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03-27-2005, 12:27 AM
I am new to this board and I have a couple of questions I was wondering if you could help me with.

First, I am looking to buy my first boat in a couple of months and have been looking at a ton of different ski boats. I stopped by a local Moomba dealer and was impressed with the 2005 Outback and I wanted to know why you selected Moomba over some of the other manufactures. What are some the reason you selected Moomba, price, performance, options, etc.

Second, what are some of the must have options for a new boat? I am trying to stay under 30k so I can't go crazy. The outback I was looking at was equipped with pop up cleats, cover, stereo, and a swing away tongue trailer for about 27k. I was planning on adding a tower, although I may wait until next year to get it. I am going to be using the boat for wakeboarding and all around water sports. I was also thinking about ordering the heater for the boat; I live in the Chicago land area and figured it might come in handy.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

03-27-2005, 01:01 PM
Yea right, my goal was to stay below $25K preferably $20k. I did not do very well. My 2005 Mobius LSV has yet to hit the water. The weather is ok for a test drive but Cub Scouts are going to eat a weekend and my wife is going walk on the next one. This is getting ridiculous.

Why Moomba? They target being the most boat for the buck and they are. If my Dealers had been reversed, I might own a Malibu but Im glade I have a Mobius. For a little more detail - search for posts by Smokedog2 or posts with SD2, in the past 6 months we have hashed out most of the option opinions as well as price analysis.

Someone posted about getting taken by the dealer because the boat was in stock and components were being added. This is not a worry (I added lots of stuff that is the way it is with boats ask your dealer), the real worry is that the time line for getting a boat is getting well into summer at this point. If you are serious, I suggest you call the ball soon or youll be unhappy with the delivery date you get.

After that if you have a specific question ask away.

I just got home after 2 weeks on the road so I am way behind on everything.

Gotta go,


03-27-2005, 03:05 PM
I selected a 99 Outback on price, once I knew that the core hardware was solid ( V8 GM motor, respected ZF Hurth transmission, and no wooden stringers to rot later ).

Can give you a little flavor for our thinking.
Mine was stripped stock at 21,999 in mid 99 except for a skylon, a pair of Connelly wide combos, and a bimini top. Skylon which works well for occasional wakeboarding (though the bridal wire gets in the way of the bowriders ).

No tower and haven't needed it, but it would have been good to hang boards up, out of the way. Have used people and toolboxes for ballast. But never exceed the capacity sticker, especially in an outback.

No stereo-- but playing tunes loud isn't tolerated on our lakes. Added a Raytheon VHF marine radio and Humminbird 400 TF screen-style depthfinder. Both are very important where we boat ( no cell towers; variable and unpredictable lake depth).

I think your option list is reasonable. Pop-up cleats are a good add. A bimini top is nearly a necessity for us. Spare tire. And a set of spare parts including propeller kit, impeller and fuel filter.

I tell all prospective outback buyers one thing that the dealer failed to emphasize to me. Be sure you realize how low the front of this boat sits in the water. One wave over the bow, and everything gets wet. This can happen real easily in flat water when you power around to pick up a skier. Two waves and your riders question your judgement. Three and they question theirs. Three in rough water with a full load and more waves coming and you are in danger of going down. The outback hull gives little freeboard. Wish we had more hull. There have been days on the lake when I wish I had gone with the low-end mastercraft that has more freeboard.

So, in my experience this boat is for flat water... think depthfinder, communications for safety, spare tire if you tow, spare parts, short safety chain to clip bow ring to the trailer elsewhere than the winch, back straps to hook boat transom eyes to trailer....