View Full Version : Prop Difference

03-01-2003, 12:14 PM
Can someone tell me the speed difference between a three blade, what I have now, and a four blade?

Brian Raymond
03-03-2003, 11:41 PM
The speed and rpm value will vary, depending on direct drive, Vdrive, carb, TBI or MPI. The other factors are stainless or nibral? In short, the 4 blade will deliver a stronger hole shot and by rule of thumb diminish top speed of 1to 2 mph. The nibral props tend to cavitate some under load, since they are made of a softer metal, they flex and slip under these conditions, you can actually see this on used props. from the bluish coloring or pitted edges on the outside edge of the blade from the air the prop. makes. The beauty of nibral is, it is not very expensive to have reconditioned if you have a mishap, and probably won't have further drivetrain issues. The stainless prop. is very nice also. Since it is made of hard metal, the flexing and slipping under load are not felt and seen (on both tach and prop), however, contact with an object is more costly to repair, and may cause drivetrain damage. Check with friends or a dealer to try both, you make the call.Brian Raymond