View Full Version : Hydraulic Wake Plate

03-24-2005, 10:00 PM
I'm trying to decide on whether to order the Hydraulic Wake Plate on my Outback. I'm being told that they are really only effective on V-Drive boats and produce minimal results when put on Direct Drive boats like the Outback. Any thoughts? Anyone have one on an Outback? Thanks.

06-17-2005, 06:26 PM

I have the wake plate on my '01 Mobius and feel like I could not live without it. My boat is a direct drive just like yours. When I weight the boat down to board it really helps. Let's say you put a good bit of weight in and the wake seems to be a little washy (not clean). You can play with the wake plate and clean it up so its smooth. You could do the same thing by moving the weight all around but if you are like me you have a ton of gear and buddies and no room to put weight in the "perfect" spot. It even helps when the boat is not weighted and you are just cruising around. If you have everyone in the back, does you boat ever start to "porpoise" or in other words bounce up and down in the front? If so, you could just tap the wake plate down a little and let the bow ride down in the water a little. It will ride like butter. If you are cruising and the water is choppy and beating the heck out of you, just hit it down a little more and the bow will come down for a better ride. GET ONE AND YOU WILL ENJOY YOUR BOAT A LOT MORE

Hope this helps answer your question- Eric B.