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06-20-2011, 10:46 AM
First of all I want to thank all our Moomba members for their spirited discussions on various topics and our moderators for the tremendous Job that they do. Here are a few behind the scene issues that may have effected one moderators decision to delete a certain thread.

I emailed a moderator and asked him to look a certain post that had occured because I had recieved several complaints regarding it. Here is the email from me to the moderator.

"This is his post on Moomba vs Axis. From one of our previous owners. Which I have no issue with…on Wakeworld. The ongoing marketing of axis by axis owners on our site…is beginning to become prevalent. Please keep an eye on this. Don’t want axis to use our forums to promote their products. Just kind of an FYI. No need to take action…"


So, if you want to blame someone you can blame me. No, i did not ask for it to be deleted but I did raise my concern over how the thread was going and that I am sure influenced some of our moderators. They do the best they can to keep the forum fair to all and they do this with little to no thanks. A Moderator on the board made a call on whether this was going beyond a comparison of products. Right or Wrong, it is a judgement call and an awkward and unique situation in this case(axis vs moomba) to say the least. I apologize for my part in this "issue"

Our company and our sites have no issue with being competively compared and welcome it. Heck, it happens every day with our dealers,etc. Just part of the business. I hope we can return to a civil discussion on boats that makes our summers that more enjoyable.

Should you want to discuss further my email is rtinker@skierschoice.com.

Thank you again for being a part of our family, (some of my most memorable fights have been with family members... but that is because they are family)


Rick Tinker
Skier's Choice

06-20-2011, 12:09 PM
Thanks Rick

06-20-2011, 12:17 PM

Thanks for taking the time to clearly communicate what transpired and to provide your perspective.

Now, let's all get back to having some fun on our boats!