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06-19-2011, 09:49 AM
In some cases, the lines become blurred between knowledge forums and social media. With social media now fully in the main stream, the need for individuals to express their personal lives and feelings in a knowledge forum should be diminished.

Facebook and Twitter are the most notable examples of social mediums with near universal access and rapid uptake.

In a nutshell, birthday greetings, favorite movies, bitch sessions and the like, are best confined to social media. This Moomba forum needs to revert to being an information source.

When I came back to the forum this spring, it's painful to read a thread which has a topic of interest, but spirals into a 5 page rat hole that left the topic on page 2. And again this rain soaked Sunday morning, got time to check the forum and the noise is really disappointing.

More painful to read some have sworn off the forum due to the bullying of a frequent user. The bully(s) likely have no idea there are other knowledgeable people who either avoid posting, or avoid posting to certain thread owners/participants. In essence, a pool of knowledge has left the forum.

Please...an increase in professionalism and reduction in personal chit-chat & attacks. Revitalize this forum as a knowledge base.

06-19-2011, 11:13 AM
part of the reason I spend time on this forum is due to the "family" aspect of it. seems that the members here have a genuine interest in others. get rid of the stuff you are talking about and you will eliminate a better part of what gets posted on here. people will leave, won't bother checking here anymore and the forum will die. I think it's great that ed spends a minute each day and looks for the birthday and posts a greeting. I know I appreciated it last year.

go look at any other boat forum, car-specific forum, motorcycle forum and you will find the same thing. it's that atmosphere that creates that "family" that the regular posters on here enjoy.
there are still the informational topics that people like yourself can browse that only come around when they have an issue and that's fine.

the unfortunate part of the last few days will eventually die off, but like any "family", tiffs are bound to happen :)