View Full Version : Deleting or locking post - Ideas

06-17-2011, 06:50 PM
Hello everyone. I think Ian hit this on his post but i wanted to also put it out there. I think a lot of the BS that has now taken hours to read thru would not have happened if there was one simple thing the Mods would do in the future.

If they lock or delete a post they put in why it was done and if the post will be unlocked they put in when the post will be unlocked.

An acceptable reason why would be "Because we think this is promoting the Axis boat and we want people too cool down for 5 days. We will reopen this topic on 6/20/2011".

A reason I would not find acceptable would be "Because of internal talk that you do not get to know", I am sorry but we are all past high school and can take the real reason.

I just want a happy Moomba family again and I think this would help keep it that way. My 2c.