View Full Version : Tower base covers?

06-07-2011, 09:47 AM
So I have a snap cover (bow and cockpit) however it doesn't fit snug around the tower's base, allowing water and junk to get in the boat every time it rains...(yes its stored outside...horrible...i know). I have a seperate full cover as well, but the holes around the tower's base are even bigger on it, allowing rain to enter around the tower's base.

Does anyone know of a small sleave or something they make to cover up this small hole around the tower's base?

Lynn Syndrom
06-07-2011, 12:51 PM
Hello - I have used a roofing product for a couple areas where I needed some help keeping out water called a stand pipe roof flashing. On most homes there are several vent pipes that travel through the roof surface and allow your plumbing system to vent. The flashing used on most new construction homes to seal between the round pipe and the roof is a plastic sheet 8" to 12" wide and 10" to 14" long with rubber section (groumet) that fits snugly (sp?) around the pipe. These items can be found in most big box home improvment stores.
My idea...use some or all of one of the pieces of flashing to seal around the tower post and cover. Can be cut with tin snips or a ban saw to allow it to fit around the tower...installed on the boat when covered and removed before uncovering without tools. The stand pipe flashing pieces can be purchased with different size openings to fit different dimesions of pipe or in this case tower arms. May not seal out all of the water when it is cut to fit around tower post but it could help.

06-07-2011, 01:08 PM
JB, I have the same issue when I leave the boat outside with only the snap covers on. I also have a full Moomba logo'd cover, which is almost always used in addition to the snap covers. This cover has elastic boots that go over each leg, and seem to keep the majority of the junk out. But, what I've done in the past when just using the snap cover is use a few microfiber cloths, and tie/jam them into the openings. This helps to keep the worst of the junk out, but if they get wet enough, of course the water will still get in.

I also thought about trying to use saran wrap around each leg. You could wrap it starting on the leg, and taper it down toward the cover, and finish having extended down onto the cover. It would be kind of difficult to cleanly do this with the snap down covers, but could be possible.