View Full Version : When should I take delivery?

03-14-2005, 02:56 PM
It sounds like my LSV could arrive at the dealership this week. They are eager to have me pick it up as they want to get paid for the boat. Average ice out doesn't occur until April 13th. I don't want to pick it up until I can run it with the dealer plus I have an i/o that I still have to sell. At the same time I want to use the cold water time to get the break in hours on the new boat.

My question to you. How difficult is it to drain the water from the indmar engine? I have done it for years myself on my i/o. It is doable but not something that I wanted to do more than once a year. If I do get my new boat in the water before I am completely clear of a night freeze, how easy is it to drain the engine? My threshhold is 1 hour, only one scrapped knuckle and less than 2 cursing rampages. Given that can I complete the job or should I leave it at the dealer until I know it's past freezing?

03-14-2005, 05:49 PM
Its really easy to drain the block. Remove two plugs on either side (let the dealer show you where they are at). After that, remove a few hoses and I'd call it done. Again, let the dealer show you which ones.