View Full Version : Soulcraft surfboards

06-06-2011, 07:43 AM
Went out on Sunday on a friends sanger. she hooked me up with the opportunity to ride some boards called Soulcraft. showed up at Jeff's house(the owner) at 8:30 on sunday am to pick them up. he couldn't go. was an absolutely amazingly nice guy. makes them all by hand in the 3rd stall of his garage. he spent 1/2hr or so talking about how he makes them with the different styles and shapes. It was a lot of fun to see blanks and finished product. took 2 demos to the lake and loved them. toying with getting one. very similar to the triple xxx boards, but made locally and if I have an issue with one, such as dent or ding, he repairs his work.

was a great day with some great boards. if you are ever looking for a true "custom" board, keep this guy in mind :)

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