View Full Version : landing wake to wake on wakeskate

06-02-2011, 10:02 PM
im alright at wakeskating i can pop-shuv and 180 in the flats and have a rail set up that im pretty good at hopen to learn shuv-it off this weekend but i dont spend much time goin wake to wake. i can land it every once in awhile but i dont really know how to approach the wake to set up for my board to stay under my feet. do you guys set up like your olieing over it of just ride up to it? i get the distance all the way across but my board dosent come with me. do you guys have any pointers? or do i just keep hucken myself across and ill eventualy get used to it? i can go wake to wake fine on a wakeboard but i like wakeskating way more. any pointers you got will help