View Full Version : Ballast Question on Sprinkler valve VS. New Jabsco pumps

05-30-2011, 09:35 PM
Does anybody have the numbers on the 09 newer Gravity III ballast setup vs. the old sprinkler valve setup? I am thinking about drilling a couple of new holes to upgrade but wanted to know how much difference it would really make?

Also, I ordered the thru hull 3/4 stainless steel fitting to replace the plastic ones. Is there any good pointers that I should be aware of before switching them out?

Thanks for the input!

05-30-2011, 09:50 PM
As for replacing the threw hulls, just a pair of channel locks will remove the old ones.

To get the new ones in a small shaft screw driver and channel locks to install, the small shaft screw driver is used for the notch on the shaft if it has one.

Other wise a heat gun makes removing and reinstalling the black hose much easier. If you dont have one you can try a hair dryer but doubt that will work on this plastic as it is pretty robust.

Other wise a dab of dish soup will make them slip on and it will wash out when you drain the ballast.

As for the Jabsco pumps versus the sprinkler valves i dont have the exact numbers but i would think it will be quite a bit faster, but your talking a substantial investment as those pumps arnt cheap, also you have to watch running them dry as the impellers will burn up quickly.

Ultimatly the speed of the system is in how much water you can get to the pump vs how many stops the water has before its in the bag.

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05-31-2011, 12:26 AM
IF you are thinking about going the reversible pump route I'd go with the Johnson pumps. They are a little bit faster and have never had the issues with impellers leaking or burning up like the Jabsco did or does (I believe Jabsco has finally found a good impeller compound). Jason at Wakemakers at one time told me the Johsons have not had complaints and are selling very well...plus priced better.