View Full Version : Cutting OEM light bar/speaker tower (Roswell)

05-29-2011, 10:32 PM
I have the std. roswell tower on our 2010 LSV with the 4 kicker components, and 3 55w lights and 2 LED down firing interior lights. I wanted to originally sell the tower but have not been able to find a light bar I like as much as the OEM one. I have some HLCD in seperate cans I also bought last year and ended up running them on top of the tower which looked funny and gave us issues going under our low bridge during the summer with water fluctuations.

I have now decided I want to cut off the speakers on either side of the bar and use my HLCD on either side. Cutting the speakers off shouldn't be an issue its what to cap the metal end when I am done? I could get a piece of aluminum welded on but thats $$, so I was wondering if you guys had any other good ideas? Doesn't have to look pretty just need to cover up the hole that will now be visible if you look down the end of the bar.