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05-27-2011, 01:47 AM
Hey, how is everyone doing ???
Haven't really posted since Fall last year... Got the boat out of storage 2 weeks ago and got about 5 hours on her so far.
It's been a really crappy Spring so far in N Central IL.
Memorial Day Weekend is pretty much ruined here as we got a good 4 inches or so of rain in the past few days. The River is supposed to crest at 6 feet above flood stage on Saturday which means no boating.

I'm happy to say that the boat has been running like a top so far !!! I got all my fuel problems sorted out by the end of last year.
I think I spent just over a grand or so on parts. Seemed as if everything was breaking or going bad on me.
The whole fuel/bogging issues I've been having the past 3 or so years that you guys have tried to help me with turned up to be just a loose terminal to the fuel pump. Guess that was the last thing I thought of to check. LOL
I pretty much bought a bunch of fuel/electrical related parts that I didn't need, but at least I have spares now !!!
Every time I'd hit a wake or the boat would bounce around the terminal would move and cut the fuel off here and there....
Spliced in new terminals and not a single problem since !!!

Last year I ended up replacing:
Fuel pump
Cap & rotor
Spark Plugs
Water pump to T-stat hose
Emptied and cleaned fuel tank
OJ 13X12 prop
Tires for trailer
Actuator for trailer
Brake line for trailer
Bearings, races & seals for trailer

All I need to do now is get a prop repaired and redo the bunks on the trailer and hopefully nothing else all season !!!!! (knock on fiberglass)

Hope you guys have a great season and be safe !!!!!!!!


05-27-2011, 08:26 AM
Nice work Aaron, sometimes its the simplist thing we over look and thats because just like tieing your shoes its so natural you never thing of the skill involved in that till your hurt your hand or finger and cant tie them.

As for the boat and trailer, sounds like to rebuilt the trailer almost lol.

I too hope for a good season and i hope it starts soon, this is the first year we didnt make it out way before Memorial weekend, me and Al are planning on takeing the boats out to there first dip this Sunday. Weather is decent but it will be amature hour but we plan to tie up, have a beer, point and laugh at the dock.

05-27-2011, 11:08 AM
Nice work Aaron. The extra parts will come in handy one day, you can bet on that.

Hope your season and everyone's is as trouble free as possible.

05-28-2011, 02:30 AM
Thanks guys !!!!
Yeah I can't believe it was just a loose terminal(s). There is rubber boots that go over the terminal where it connected to the posts on the fuel pump so I couldn't actually see the terminal itself and never thought to pull the rubber boots down and check them the entire 3 years I was having the problems. I just figured that they weren't falling off so it probably wasn't the problem. WRONG !
After removing the rubber boots and then wiggling the terminals back and forth sure enough they weren't that tight on the posts and when the boat was underway they would move back and forth on the post and cut the power to it periodically.
I spliced in new terminals that came with the new fuel pump and they were A LOT tighter on the posts and didn't move at all.
Spare parts are always a good thing I guess !!! LOL
The girlfriend wasn't too happy that we spent all the extra money on parts for nothing, but oh well it's only money right ?

As for the trailer I'm pretty much rebuilding it I guess. Seemed that everything went at once. Everything on it was original and for being 11 years old I guess it was time.
Surprisingly there isn't that much rust on it anywhere. If I do get any rust spots or scratches I make sure to use some touch up paint on them.

I couldn't be happier with how the gel is looking. Everyone complains that I'm too anal about keeping it clean, but it really pays off in the end !!!
Lots of polish & wax... Many layers of it !!!! Plus I use Babe's Boat Bright from top to bottom after every outing. There is only a few minor scratches on it.
A lot of people think the boat is only a few years old but, when I tell them it's a 99 they don't believe me !!!
I'll have to get some updated pics...

Everyone enjoy their Memorial Day Weekend !!!!