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03-01-2005, 09:32 PM
We also have two inches of snow on the ground but all the accoutrements are installed and we are ready to roll.

We are going to roll from his storage building to mine but heck, were rolling.

Im going to leave it winterized and go out for the introductory spin when it actually warms up. This weather is the pits.

Since ordering the boat I have clandestinely added or ordered a stereo upgrade, a strainer, three new tow ropes, new anchor, new anchor rope, new anchor chain, new wakeboard and bindings, wake skateboard, wake surf board, new neoprene suit for wife & kids, 4 dock bumpers, color coordinated dock ropes, color coordinated stretchy temporary dock ropes, first aid kit, color coordinated boat dolly, color coordinated can cozies, and four new color coordinated life jackets.

Look out Martha Stewart.

Think the wife will notice all this stuff as it appears on the boat?

Is there anything else I might have missed?

03-02-2005, 01:44 AM

yes the most important item for a boat a tool kit. besides the wrenches,screwdrivers,sockets,pliers,cutters ,allen wrench sets all sizes and such. Zip ties,12 volt tester,fuses,hose clamps assorted sizes, a few small pieces of wire with wire connectors and such,fuel filter, a spare t stat is always good with the proper gaskets and most important an spare impellar and spare gaskets for it.also i would get an extra set of tower bolts and assorted stainless screws and bolts and replacement bulbs for bow and anchor lights. a few bottles of heet are also good in case of water in gas. One must not forget the most important item duct tape. Dont get me started on the spare binding locks, screws,different size wakeboard fins and such I carry. hope it helps.


03-02-2005, 07:34 AM
For God's sake, be sure the toolbox matches the boat......

03-02-2005, 08:50 AM
Geez, brand new $40,000 boat and first think anyone thinks I need is a tool kit.

How about sun tan lotion, a camera, or a new set of color coordinated Oakleys!

I suppose next youll want to add a leg, arm, and neck splint.


P.S. Good idea. Do they make a red one?

03-02-2005, 09:59 AM
not trying to insult you or your new boat. just a true understanding of murphys law. by the way my boat tool box is black to match mine . I think a very important upgrade you should do is a dual battery system with a perko or the like transfer switch its a great piece of mind . the install is very straight forward and you can run your stereo for extended times without the fear of not being able to restart.


ps. on my delievery test ride / checklist my fuel pump died still attached to the dock. i dont like murphy!!

pps. gator grip to match the boat. transom protecter so wakeboards and skis dont ding the back also on the sides so you dont slip going in or out of boat. i did black and white.great stuff its a must.

03-02-2005, 11:11 AM

The tool box is not for your boat its for all the other folks that you will probably need to help. Seriously though the tool box is a good idea. I owned an 01 Outback LS and now have a Supra 22 SSV. have never had to turn a wrench when on the water,but have offered help to quite a few other folks on the water. Enjoy the boat!

03-02-2005, 03:06 PM
The bigger question is what she gonna say when she see's the bill!!!
Where did you get the gator grip??


03-02-2005, 04:35 PM
Just funin ya, no insult taken.

Yes, Murphy is a close personal friend of mine as well. Dead at the dock, wow, that had to be embarrassing for the dealer.

Yes, I have towed others off the water. I once almost got a ticket for not having the orange distress flag. As she was pulling out her citation book I told her, ya know Ive pulled three people off this lake so far this year and none of them were waving any flags. The last guy was paddling with a boat seat and I was able to deduce all by myself he was in distress. She laughed and I got off with a warning.

I pulled some other folks off one morning in the fog. They had gotten lost in the fog the night before catfish fishing and ran out of gas roaming around.
Note to self add color coordinated compass.

Aquaholic has the right issues:

1.The bill a little every month so nothing spikes out
2.Where do I get gator grip

Is it Friday yet?


03-02-2005, 05:39 PM
smokedog, aquaholic

I took it in stride when it died right after i started it. I seem to have a long personel history with fuel pumps on anything I own. as for as gator grip their website is
www.wakejunky.com I love the stuff they shipped right away and very easy to deal with.
a little tip when it comes time to cut it have many sharp blades to work with.


ps. i was much braver than you guys i admitted what i was doing to the boss and figured i probably only get away with this once and stocked all toys and upgrades.

smokedog i hope you got red and white neoprene matching vests.

03-03-2005, 05:16 AM
For a truly pimped out look, you might consider some discreetly placed LED lighting in the boat's interior for night runs. You can tuck a few red ones out of sight and wire them to your running light switch. Looks awesome after dark.....makes the inside of the boat glow, and you can see everything so no one trips. My boat is yellow but I went with turquoise lighting 'cause I thought the yellow lights looked kinda gross. If I was more mechanically inclined I would have added them to my tower, facing down like a car dome light. Just a thought.....


03-03-2005, 06:34 PM

nice to know someone has done the leds. i bought six units each with 4 leds
for sides storage lighting also wanted to put them in the front air intakes and the rear blower outputs. I saw a supra with it and it looked great , maybe i'll get around to it this spring. I have to say still the best bling piece on my boat is the supra swim platform rail gotta have one looks great and works great.


ps anyboby find a cool looking replacement piece for the rear blower outputs?

03-03-2005, 10:42 PM
and my wife thinks I'm possessed.

03-04-2005, 12:00 PM
ha ha ha :p wait until you have it out on th water and you start thinking about even more things. trust me your time is coming. :p


swairlines thanks for the link i already have the led pods just no time to install. But i like the rope idea for the rear trunk one more toy to order.

03-06-2005, 09:19 PM
Wrap-up of the boat pick up.

No pictures. I forgot the camera at the storage building. The pictures you would have really enjoyed would have been of my friend and I pulling 12-15 diameter trees out of the water around the dock with a 2-ton come-along in the snow (they were dropped by a winter ice storm).

Rather than post a bunch of replies to other threads I am going to summarize a few things here.

I asked about the tie downs. The dealer said if you need them you have bigger problems than the tie downs and you probably should not use them with the rear platform in place. Im going to add a chain up front and call it a day.

I did not check for a boat buddy but I do not think my 05 came with one.

I bought most of my accoutrement stuff at a MC dealer that hands coupons out at the boat show for 10-20% off depending on the total purchase. I hit him about every other year. My dealer does not have an inventory yet, but I bought a CWB tsunami surf board.

I spent an hour after I parked the boat cleaning the road grime off. That is going to get old. I will start a thread next on boat cleaning tricks.

I had so much work to do that I did not even get in the boat.

I need to check but the boat trailer should have a spare tire option.


03-06-2005, 11:42 PM

#1 get a set of rear tie downs if the platform interferes with the buckles on the tie downsreverse the tie down and the buckle does not hit the gel or platform. the fourty or fifty bucks is worth it, replace them every couple of years when they get worn. I've seen the result!!!!

#2 your dealer should be able to order the spare and bracket for you. I ordered it right thru owen w/boatmate matched color and ups'd right out its nice when the owner answers the phone. as I remenber the need trailer vin type # to match paint.

ah the pleasures of spring clean up time nothing like the simple chores. living on the water somedays i wonder if i'm better friend with my chainsaw or boat. good luck.


03-12-2005, 12:14 AM
Hey SmokeDog,

Liking the color coded insanity, sorry to hear you are not on the lake but the extras are a good pacifier. How long before you received your boat from time of purchase? Was it bought at a boat show? What can I expect out of my new purchase, never known any Moomba owners and recently told that the hull was easily damaged. I am not worried, just impatiently awaiting my pick-up date.

03-12-2005, 11:09 AM
I bought off the lot and worked the deal right up to the boat show. Saves me the risk of getting scooped and the dealer has room for another boat at the show. I think it worked out well.

I can tell you that about two weeks ago a guy bought the last new LSV my dealer can get this year. The guy waited a week to put his money up and that delay moved his delivery date significantly.

My delay was getting all the accoutrements I kept requesting ordered and added. I was in no hurry since the ice just went out a few weeks ago. The dealer was in a hurry because he needed the space :) IMHO - get the water intake filter.

Im not sure what to tell you about the hull. My understanding is that they are built with the same material and to the same standards as Supra. Im not sure what easily damaged means. Easier than aluminum, you bet, easier than other fiberglass boats, I doubt it.

Damaged hitting things, yep that is bad, damaged beaching, no gel coat does well in the sand, damaged by UV, well every boat builder uses the same gel coat (I think). Im not sure if it is the same thickness. Take care of it and you will be fine. Leave it in the elements unprotected and you will be sad.

I saw a thread on another site way back when bashing Moomba (welcome to the internet). They had a picture of a cracked Moomba hull, an old picture. IMHO it was cracked right where you would expect if some moron tried to trailer his boat with the sacks full. Id bet money there were a few full fat sacks as well. No boat will survive that. If you look you can find some really discouraging pictures on any manufacturer. I saw a MC all lit up at the boat show with a gel coat bubble the size of a silver dollar (I bet that dealer was irritated).

I am not worried myself. I plan to treat the boat like the hull and gel coat can be easily damaged. If it gets whacked, Ill get it fixed. My Yukon XL has a quant little beauty mark right now that I can hardly blame on GM.

Im not sure what you should expect, I have not even driven mine yet. I got in the boat last weekend for an hour. Really sweet. I still cannot find the camera. We are going to have a hoot & holler with this thing, if the snow ever goes away.

Definitely take your first ride with the dealer. I got in looking at all the switches, plugs, levers, keys etc. and am happy Ive got that on the dealers schedule.

I have decided that I am going to use a Meguiars boat wash and Aero 303 on the hull to replace the wax. I have not yet decided on a vinyl treatment. 303 would work but it is expensive.

Someone is always going to talk trash about your boat. My goal is not a mint boat I have to worry about. I have kids, dogs, cub scouts and even a friend or two. My goal is a minimum 100 hours a year, 1,000 hours in ten years and a burning desire to start over with a new one when the payments end. To this end I think I will also run synthetic oil.

I better get.

Good luck


03-13-2005, 09:42 PM
Thanks for all the info. Is the water intake filter a necessity? Does it cost another "$395.00" as most all of the other add-ons so far, or $295.00 or $595.00? Hope you get to take your boat out soon, sounds like a trophy sitting around getting polished all the time and no wear. Go have some fun for all of us saps without a boat still!!

03-13-2005, 09:52 PM
I think I'll add that on considering all the algae, among other things, in our lake. Thanks for your response. Saw your photos and love it, gets me all excited to know that will be me in a few weeks.