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05-21-2011, 10:40 PM
This is our third (and last) son to graduate. The guys looked sharp in tuxedo and girls pretty in their formal dresses, everyone ready this evening to celebrate the end of high school. Total of sixteen kids on their party group. Lewis will be a freshman this fall at Alabama, hoping to swim for the Crimson Tide.

05-21-2011, 11:52 PM
Sharp looking kid there Deerfield.

If I remember the University of Alabama correctly from my times visiting while I was in college at Georgia, he is going to have a heck of a time.

Although, I would have recommended he came to UGA. :)

Since it looks like his mind is made up, you all better start brushing up on your "Crimson Tideness".... Check out the video below and wait until about 56 second in.... They take this chant very seriously. As a matter of fact, they take Lynyrd Skynyrd VERY seriously. Of all my years following collegiate athletics VERY intensely, there are not more loyal fans than the University of Alabama fans. When they football is a religion in the South, they were mainly talking about Alabama. :)

Pass on my best wishes to him. It's going to be an awesome next 4-5 years!



05-24-2011, 12:14 PM
Cool. Thanks for sharing! Good lookin' kids.

05-26-2011, 05:23 PM

I can't believe you said that...Dawg nation would be ashamed!

Looks like the kids were going to have a good time. Our senior prom ('98) was on the Memphis Queen (Riverboat) it went down the Mississippi River...I can remember break dancing to some Ice Ice Baby...good times!