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New Guy
05-13-2011, 11:01 AM
Take time to read this. Mike Rowe lays it out perfectly.


05-13-2011, 11:28 AM
Loved the reply from the rocket scientist.

Very good article hitting on a topic that I admit I haven't paid much attention to. It's interesting how sometimes our society measures success by a degree earned or by popularity gained. In fact, the most successful people I have ever known are not the ones that are making millions or even six figures.

But I guess it's all about how you measure success.

I would venture to say that the internet and other types of available media has played a pretty large role in the lower number of people seeking these types of careers. There are a number of skills that you can teach yourself how to do instead of hiring someone else. Either way, I do find it a shame that these professions seem to be dying off.

You guys ever heard that song "Little Man" by Alan Jackson?

05-14-2011, 09:00 AM
You guys ever heard that song "Little Man" by Alan Jackson?

Sure nuff one of the few song Alan sings i like haha. I dont much care for his love songs.

05-14-2011, 09:31 AM
That was a great article.

I have always been one to work with my hands and love labor work. I hate being cooped up in an office all day and i always said i wouldnt allow myself to be stuck in a box.

After HS i got a degee in mechanics and started working for the Ford dealer. I leanred a lot there but it wasnt enough.

I then changed direction and got a criminal justice degree and joined AZ state Corrections and worked there most of my 20s. I loved the job and its a job thats always short of staffing, and even in this time of huge numbers of jobless the Corrections Department is always short handed.

When i got married my wife didnt like me working there so she talked me into leaving and joining the Cable company as a tech. I loved this job as well. All three jobs i had are jobs i can do anyplace you move to, they all are outside type jobs and they are all blue collar listed working mans jobs.

After a couple years of this i knew i needed to make more money to get where i wanted in the future. I went and got my electrical engineering degree with the intentions of moving up in the cable company to the engineering roles. That didnt happen.

I then left and come to Oregon to work for Intel. The wife became the X and i dont miss her a bit.

At Intel i work in a box, a Fab or Factory and i never see the sun or the night sky as windows are strickly prohibited. You ahve no since of time or whats going on in the real world while in the fab. No cell service, no Internet except whats strickly allowed, no Phone calls unless its inside Intel. They have to protect the machinery and systems we are building.

Now after 7 years i decided i cant take this any longer. I have to get outside again, i have to breath the Oregon air. < much better then Tucson's dusty air >

I worked and talked to some people and i was able to interview and get a < dream job > at Intel. I recently got hired as a Facility Waste Water Management Tech.

Basicaly i manage, repair, service the 16 systems Intel uses to purify and nutralize any chemical wate we have out of the factory. I am told by my peers they are very jealous that i was able to get into this very lucarative department. Its the type of job people retire in.

This job as well is short on people but no one applies because they think they dont have the skills. Well i can say i dont know to much about Waste water but i got online and read up on it, then read up on valves, gauges, pressures and such to give me an edge in the interview. It worked out and i got hired.

The best part is i can no go outside when ever i want, i will no longer have the deadlines of a facory on my head, no more engineers bosses pushing me for tool repairs and so on.

The point of my story is do what makes you happy, dont be stuck in a job because you have to be there. Its your life and you only got 1 shot at it.

As for the labor jobs, i meet a lot more people at Intel in the hard labor force that say they would never leave there job then i do the white collar people who make twice what i do. They all have the same issues with lack of cash, houses losing value and all that, its just on a bigger price point scale.

I love pulling up in front of Intel at 11 am to grab money out of the ATM and some big shot says thats a dam nice set up, what kind of engineer are you? I just say im just a Fab jocky just like 60% of Intel is i just manage my money better then most LOL.