View Full Version : Pics of First Run of Season

04-22-2011, 11:22 AM
Got out for the first time last Sunday. Even though I had probs with ballast pumps, still salvaged the day.

My 8 yo little girl
Me and my 8 yo little girl tandem
Me getting the old crickety bones and muscles moving

04-22-2011, 12:06 PM
Great stuff. Hope you guys are coming to the Central Florida Mini-Jam in a few weeks.

04-23-2011, 10:50 AM
Spoon 03 - now thats some great stuff - so tell me - how you start with 2 peeps? would like to get a doubles sesh with the youngest??? any others?

It is cool to ride with my little girl. Builds a love for the water and a bond of doing something together.

First, have to have a larger board. I used a CWB Ride. I am tall and about 210-215, and my little girl is 65, so something to support us is essential.

Same start for you, except put your feet a little wider. Have your little one just rest their feet between yours on the board. You will do all of the work getting up. You hold the handle of the rope and have the little one hold on to the rope just past the handle. Your arms will be kinda wrapped around the little one (he/she will be between you and the rope, kinda of like you are hugging them from behind)

When the boat starts pulling you guys up, let the little one use your torso as a support and spread his/her elbows for support on your thighs or hips. Let the boat pull you 2 up. Once the board catches an edge, your little one will be able to pull on the rope and try to gain balance with their feet.

Once you get up to speed, you will be able to adjust all four feet, and hold the rope more comfortably.

Hope this helps. Kinda hard to explain without a video. When I am back in the States in 2 weeks, I will try and post a video of the start.