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02-06-2005, 04:09 PM
Rather than highjack the boat lock question how do you all deal with boat security systems. Specifically on the dock or in storage.

I am taking a old computer, a security camera or two, a wireless network, battery backup, and an external hard drive, about $1,000 worth of stuff and hooking it up in my storage building.

Half the price of the monitor stuff they were selling at the boat show. A third what I was quoted by a security system company, and they did not know how to do the remote hard drive.

The camera is on a motion detector. Camera to password protected computer, computer to hidden hard drive where the wireless is on the HD. I have not set it up yet but I have the hardware on hold. I have yet to demonstrate that this will work.

A monitored system typically does not have cameras and costs a phone line and $20/mo.

If they break in and steal the computer, the hidden hard drive is still recoverable with the pictures. Most of the time the police have a better idea than they like to let on as to who is doing the B&E. I hope to also setup so that I can get the license plate number with a second camera.

My boat is going to be stored in a 48x50 big metal building I bought just for boats and water gear. I also plan to rent at least half of the building to other folks. I do not have a phone but I have power.

Also, has anyone ever put one of those Lojack car tracking devices on a boat. What do they cost? They are not available in Ohio. I guess we are not high crime.

Anything else out there worth a look? Iím open to suggestions.

Has anyone gone to any other extremes? I like my stuff and plan to keep it, or at least get it back.


Ian Brantford
02-07-2005, 01:15 AM
I am considering this line of products:
They have a modular system that can do basic alarm functions, specialized sensors for marine environments, hook up to a bilge alarm, GPS receiver, mobile phone (that you buy and subcribe as you like -- not tied to any alarm company's service).

Does anyone here know if VoiceAlarm's products work as advertised? Do they have any real competition? They go to great lengths to convince that other products on the market are really just badly converted home or land vehicle systems.


02-07-2005, 03:52 AM
I keep mine in a storage shed that isn't mine along with other boats. I'd hate to see it turn up missing. On the up side, that's what insurance is for and I'd be more than happy to go pick out a new one.