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04-19-2011, 12:45 AM
Ok, I've been lurking & posted a few, including some questions about adding some towers speakers etc... We basically narrowed it down to two dealers, both offering a different set up... For kicks, I emailed Exile off of their website for some information between the XM7 & the SXT65Q as I was not sure which one I wanted (needed pros and cons from the horses mouth so to speak). It was a Friday and I did not expect to hear anything until the following Monday. To my surprise, I received a phone call from the president of Exile on Sat. (he was home with his kids!). He emailed me some options & I followed up with him on Monday. We talked for about 20 minutes about his suggestions and why he recommends one set up vrs another (comparing Exile equipment only). When we were done, he took it upon himself to call his distributor here in Canada & had him call me. He was not pushing the sale, and only offered to help get us into a system (if he could). Without me even asking, he said he would see if there was room for a discount he could offer the retailer... in turn, they (the retailer) could pass that discount to me. In working with the shop here in Calgary, we eventually went with 2 sets of SXT65Q on the tower, powered by the Harpoon 1K Exile Amp, along with a SX12D Sub, powered by a SM600.1amp. To combat the power issues with the Stock (Kenwood) Deck & wanting to use the existing Driver/Transom controls, we went with the Wetsounds WS420 Eq. Apparantly we will be able to control each 3 zones (sub/tower and cabin) all independent from each other (ie: towers cranked, cabin off, visa versa and everything in between without sacrificing sound quality). Now I know there are other options out there, some just as good and others that are going to be better, but we had a budget and this set up worked for us. Regardless of what system you are looking at, I have to urge all of you to really consider the Exile systems. If the product is as good as everyone says, I will be very happy with our decision. The service thus far has been over the top and the pricing is very fair in comparison to what else is out there. I know every company in every industry has an unhappy client somewhere... in my case... Brian at Exile has gone over the top along with everyone in between to get this deal done. The system gets installed before May & we cannot wait. A big thank you to Brian at Exile, Grant (his distributor) and Mike (manager at Autotemp)... I will post again once the system is installed and try to get some photos/video links for those looking at Exile.

04-19-2011, 11:40 AM
Gotta love good customer service. Thanks for sharing.

04-19-2011, 12:05 PM
Welcome to the boards and Welcome to the Exile family as well. You will find out in time Brian is a very stand up guy with his products. He wont hesitate to warranty and replace any component you have that goes bad.

Yes he works all kinds of weird hours. Hes a personal friend to be and if i want to talk to him i have to call him before 1pm as he leaves work early but then he makes that time up by being up late working from home. He will post here in the middle of the night, email people and for me even text me random stuff at 11pm sometimes lol.

Hes truly dedicated to his Exile business.

Canuckle Head
04-19-2011, 12:51 PM
+1 on Brian. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few weeks ago when I was down in Lake Oswego visiting family. He truly is a stand up guy and I was blown away that he would take time out of his Saturday to meet me at his shop, give me a tour of the place and also show me a Malibu that had a beautiful Exile system in it.

I walked out of there a very happy camper! I haven't posted too much about what I bought down there as I haven't had time to start the install. I had a very bad spyder crack in my gel coat along the gunnel where it meets the V-Drive Locker so it's currently at the repair shop. I was worried that it was going to be structural but it turns out that the Gel coat itself was 3X's too thick in that area.

Anyhow, Brian is the bomb and I am sure as I start my install I will be bugging him for some help. Thanks for all your help so far Brian. Much appreciated!

04-19-2011, 08:05 PM
Hey guys - I have not had much time to be on the site these last few weeks as I've been traveling, training retailers, visiting a few guys in Canada and back east. Yes it's true, I do work some odd hours. I left my corporate position as a VP in the audio industry 8 years ago because I wanted to focus on building a family. I'll admit, my kids are a big time important thing to me and I'm very involved in their lives. I dont mean to sound like a geezer, but family, especially kids makes the world a better place.

With that said, we truly love audio here at Exile. 2 years ago we entered the marine category and today I can say that we are more focused then ever in it. On a personal level, I do appreciate the kind words.

A quick shout out to David Langston. We dont get everything right every time. I've got a enclosure we owe you and I aim to have it out to ya. Trust me, I dont forget the screw ups. Thank you for indulging us.

And for the rest of you running Exile, you just never know when I'll show up for a visit. I know where you all live :)

Here's to a fantastic up coming summer Moomba friends. Again, thanks for the props.

Exile Audio

04-20-2011, 12:13 AM
Hey Brian,
I see you are selling your gear through Bakes Marina now! Got an email on Exile/Samson packaged deals the other day. Keep up the good work!

Sea N' Things
04-24-2011, 11:51 PM
Hey Brian, I just pm'ed you about an upgrade and also sent email. I'll talk to you soon :). Thank you for being involved and keeping up to date on the boards, everyone has nothing but good stuff to say about your business and you personally.

04-26-2011, 01:26 PM
Rob- good talking with you. As I mentioned on the phone take a look at all the different Exile options that guys are running here. Several guys have full Exile setups and would be a good source of information and feedback. Feel free to ring me anytime and we can organize the system in which ever way makes sense budget wise.

Sounds like you have a great boat on the way.

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