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husky fan
01-31-2005, 11:34 PM
ok guys i need your assistance. Which boat makes most sense?

Can someone cover the differences between the 2002 LS versus the 2004 Outback (not hull, etc, but quality, changes in design, etc, etc).

I'm debating between two used boats. the wife will not spring for new, so it has to be used. My wife is an avid skier, but has wakeboarded. i want to learn to wakeboard. We have two young sons, who will probably want to learn to wakeboard (neither can ski yet). We would probably end up having a wakeboard tower added to the 2004 outback, since it does not currently have one.

I'm leaning towards the 2004, especially when you look at the fact that most depreciation happens in the first year (20%) according to NADA.

2002 outback with tower-21,000 dollars (including cost of transport to my area)
66 hours
wakeboard tower
1800 miles away
no warranty
3000 dollars lower price

2004 Outback, 22000 dollars (23800 with tower added at purchase)
65 hours
local Moomba dealer
2 years left on drive train warranty
3000 dollars more expensive

02-01-2005, 12:36 AM
Husky fan
look at overall cost of the c.f.o.- depreciation long term maintanance and such.
get the boat you want.lol .ok i got that out of my system.

outlbk and outls are to different boats. refer to my last post for the different
changes for interior,carpet,etc.etc.etc.
The major difference is the interior size and the wake preformance.
The outbk is a skiers dream wake wise.
The ls is a great crossover boat not quite as refined as the outbk wake wise
skiing but better wakeboarding.
The ls is better suited for rougher or imperfect water the the outbk.
Also what upgrades are on each boat
#1 hyd.wake plate ?
#2 tower ?
#3 3or 4 blade prop ?
#4 depth finder ?
#5 bolster seat ?
#6 heater ?
#7 ballast ?
#8 single or double axle trailor?
#9 swing away tongue ?
#10 spare tire ?
#11 carb or fuel injection ?
#12 radio ? xm?
#13 covers included ?
#14 service record available for each ?
a real question would be would your local guy be willing to service the 02 for you.
or will he make you wait a very long time ? 1800 for a tower seems a bit high
when other towers are available for much less.


husky fan
02-01-2005, 02:18 AM
hmm, thought i made it pretty obvious what each boat came with. I listed that in my initial post.

I guess my biggest question is the level or quality of trim, equipment, improvements, etc they have made between 2002 and 2004. I'm aware that the wakes are different, handling is different, etc. I know the LS is 2 inches longer. I've seen both an LS and a Outback and could not tell hardly any difference in the passenger space. Two inches does not make a noticeble difference.

Bottom line is that I know the diffs between the outback and LS. I'm wondering about the changes Moomba has made in the entire product line (or at least the Outback and LS) in the two years separating the two boats I'm considering.

02-01-2005, 08:53 AM
Buy 2002. No one got any better building them, materials have never improved, same boat, different day, just 2-4 years different day depending on the exact roll out. Options are a distinction without a difference. Nobody cares about those.

Oh, definitely get the carburetor. Fuel injection is a fad. (for those unsure, the above is sarcasm since BLK was right on the money)

Come on, the newer boat is at your dealer, the older boat is a pig in a poke 1,800 miles away and they are the same boat otherwise. You do not need us; you need to buy your wife some bling bling.

I think (could be wrong) SC made some major quality improvements in 2003, I do not know exactly what all they were, I think they also moved to a new location or significantly improved the factory process that year. I know the 05's are in a new factory.

What are you going to do if the windshield on the 02 comes lose, gel coat has a "few small cracks," or the drive shaft was pretty much straightened after the accident they failed to mention. Would you buy a car 2 years older sight unseen from 1,800 miles away.

Bling bling time. I arranged to get my wife and a friend invited to an invitation only after hours wine & hour devours event at a jewelry store.

Three days later, I bought and boxed it up. Better than going myself.

Good luck,


02-01-2005, 09:45 AM
There was a redesign of the hull in 2003 for the better. I agree, buy the 2004 from your local dealer.

02-01-2005, 10:56 AM
I've posted this before and I know you didnt ask for it but...

When it comes to Outbacks, Outback LS, and Mobius Direct Drives there have only been 3 hulls since they were first introduced. I will refer to them as OB1, OB2, and OB3. OB1 was designed for 1997. OB2 was designed for 2001. And OB3 was designed for 2003. Here is the matrix you guys are looking for...

OB1 97-02 Outback, 99-00 Outback LS, 98-00 Mobius (LS)
OB2 01-04 Outback LS, 01-04 Mobius (LS), 02-04 Outback LSV/Mob LSV
OB3 03-04 Outback

The Mobius V and Kamberra had it's own hull from 00-03.

The Mobius XLV has it's own hull new this year.

Hope that explains it.

Matt Brown

So the outback was redesigned in 03 but the LS was not.

If you want to wakeboard get the LS, I had an Outback and pretty quickly traded up to the LS, the LS throws a wake unweighted that is nearly as good as the Outback with about 1000# in it

Just to re-iterate, there is no built in ballast in either?

husky fan
02-01-2005, 01:23 PM
thanks for the input. i was thinking the same way you guys were; just wanted to make sure i was not blinded by bling bling. Besides, my wife does not get into jewelry. She's more of go to the gym, athletic type (works as a swimsuit/sports fitness model). She could take or leave bling bling. Now boat stuff is a totally different story.

attached is a photo of the accessory i plan to tow from the back of my new boat

02-01-2005, 01:31 PM
It just would not be right to tow that behind an 02 :)

Get out of here & buy a boat

02-01-2005, 03:01 PM
ok now to make it even more complicated, i just found this boat only two hundred miles away.

2003 Mobius LS (obviously with tower)
240 hours
320 HP EFI engine
front rear ballast
AM/FM/MP3 stereo

The dealer wants 26,000. Now i'm really at a loss for what to do!! my wife wants the 2003. she likes the yellow, etc. i'm a bit worried over the hours on the boat.

list on new is around 34,000