View Full Version : Poll - Slalom Ski Clinic

03-10-2011, 02:12 AM
Understanding that it does not commit you, please vote for which of the two weekends in July would be your preference for a slalom ski clinic. As mentioned in related posts, the three-day (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) clinic would take place on a private lake in the Chicago area. Also take a moment to post a comment about the number of people in your group so the organizers and I can get a handle on group size and level of interest. Poll will run for 14 days and then close. I will take poll results and comments to meeting with organizers. Thanks!

03-10-2011, 08:24 AM
We have two big tournaments those weekends. I was thinking of doing both, but it depends on a lot of things. The least of which is getting back to skiing weight - again... it would be just me.

03-10-2011, 06:47 PM
I'd probably be the only skier in my group

03-11-2011, 06:58 AM
I would probably be the only skier in my group as well.

03-14-2011, 08:21 PM
If you are a skier and interested in this event, your vote is important. Poll remains open until the 24th of March. Thanks.

03-26-2011, 12:50 PM
Thanks for putting forth the effort to look into this. I am wondering if you think there is enough interest to schedule this.