View Full Version : Buying Out of State

02-27-2011, 06:49 PM
Is there any trouble that I would have with a dealer if I bought out of state. My biggest concern is something that would go wrong with the boat and I would have to take it to them 11 hours away. I'm also concerned about keeping the warranty up to date.

02-27-2011, 07:37 PM
had a horrific experience with our local skiers dealer with a salesman. ended up buying from a dealer in spokane washington, 400 miles away and different state. when I brought it back, I took it to the dealer for the oil change. got a real good rep with the service team. in most cases, sales and service are different departments and different peeps. you won't have issues with warranty nor service, just maybe some buthurt looks from the salesmen that missed out on the commish...
there are some issues tho where it helps to have the dealership on your side if you need something done ie your boat might sit a little longer and take some additional red tape to get something done that someone that bought at that dealership would get taken care of firsthand. hasn't been the case for me with skiers tho..

fwiw, salesman that screwed me was gone 3 months later. heard he was "released of his job duties"..