View Full Version : hey ed. look for this mag

02-01-2011, 07:32 AM
thought of you in your never-ending quest for a new tow rig. the latest edition of trailer boating that showed up at my house yesterday is bagged. there's a 2011 tow guide with it. it's really an advertisement for ford, but on the last 2-3 pages, it has a very comprehensive tow rating guide for every truck(suzuki is there but not honda-guess they don't consider the ridgeline a truck ian :) ) and most of the major truck-framed suv's. the suv's are pretty limited, but trucks goes into tons of combinations including different axle/tranny ratios and 4x4 ratings. nothing that probably isn't going to be on the window sticker, but for the $5 it probably cost new(and you get a small boat mag for bathroom reading), I think you would get a good ROI on your money..