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12-09-2004, 02:54 PM
Did anyone buy their Moomba at a Boat Show? I am looking at new boats and wondering if there is an advantage one way or the other?

Are the incentives worth it?
What are the incentives?
Will dealers honor these incentive pre/post boat show?
When do all these shows happen?
DO you make the deal at the show?

I am in WI and would like to make a move after the first of the year.

12-09-2004, 03:28 PM
I did not buy a boat at the boat show but I am planning on buying one this year. I am buying from Nisswa marine out of Nisswa minnesota. the advantage of buying at the boat show is that the manufacter throws in deals as well as the dealership. I checked out the outback last year at the boat show and the factory had abou $2500 in optins that you could chose from. Also I am gettting a little price break and the big benifit is that you order the boat you want and by the time it is done you have it ready for the summer. Dealerships get a price break from the factory for boat shows so they can deal a little more. Lat year I had an outback quoted. It was a bear bones boat nothing but the motor and the boat and it was $25450 out the door but because you were at the boat show you got to pick optins for free so got a kenwood sterio and cleats and covers and they also had a warenty on the motor at the show as well. So I defentaly think it is a good way to go. at least I am hopeing so.

12-10-2004, 11:42 AM
I got my first Outback with the boat show specials and they are really nice, it also helps that the shows are in the dead of winter (down here in Jan) so they are willing to deal. My second however I bought just before the boat show because it was left over from the last year and they already had the new ones coming in. I was able to negotiate a good deal on it. When I saw the dealer at the show he said he had a couple of peoeple come in to try and get it since I did. So I would have been SOL if I would have waited.

12-10-2004, 08:04 PM
We bought Our 03 Mobius LS at the Portland OR boatshow and recieved, Stereo, Cover, Board racks, Bimini Top and 3 year bow to stern warranty for 27,500. We thought it was a preety good deal as other shops had them after the show for 32K+.
Active Water Sports in Oregon City has been super to deal with. They even delivered the boat to us 150 miles away. The service department has been great also. 256 hours on the boat now 2 when we got it and no problems that couldnt be fixed at regular service. they even schedule our service same day when posssible so we dont have to leave it and can return home the same day. Thinking about a XLV this year. Might have to go to the show.

12-13-2004, 06:02 PM
I am considering an outback at the boat show as well. For the individual who is working through Nisswa marine, my question is which boat show are you picking them up at? Do they attend the Minneapolis show? Does anyone know which moomba dealers attend the Mpls show? 3 years ago I think there was only one, but I don't even know where they were from. Are there other shows near the Twin Cities where Moomba dealers are at? The dealer that is closest is Forest Lake, but I haven't gotten good vibes that they sell many boats or have been able to get their sales and service beefed up yet. I have only been to the boat show once and was not interested in purchasing at that time so didn't play that close of attention to who the players were. Have people experienced any success in getting reasonable trade in values for an i/o at the show?

12-13-2004, 06:54 PM
silverski, Nisswa marine is going the be at the minneapolis boat show. as far as other dealers I don't know. I feal really comfortable with nisswa, I have been talking to them for a year and the salesmen I am in contact with always returns my e-mails and seems know what he is talking about. He took me and and almost my whole family on a test drive to make sure that we liked the boat and my brother and I both skied behind it. I remember talking to a sales rep last year at the show and he said that nisswa had gotten a significant increase in buyers at the boat show than in previous years.