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01-22-2011, 08:17 PM
I have a problem with my perfect pass at low rpm...it cuts on and off. This started happening at the end of last season after my stereo upgrade. I checked with Perfect Pass and they responded suggesting I needed to hook the power directly to the battery as it was a low voltage problem. Have others seen this issue and is this one of the reasons for installing a second battery? I have wanted to install a second battery...if I knew this would resolve this issue would probably get me going on it.


01-22-2011, 11:26 PM
Perfect Pass' are definitely voltage sensitive and you can't argue with the timing of the issues.
There is alot of smaller gauge wire combined with a fair distance related to the helm supply. So cross over through the bilge to the batteries with as short a run as possible, use 14 gauge wire for your new B+ and Ground and see if that does the trick.
With low RPMs your alternator is generating little voltage. Check the belt tightness and check the state of the connectors, of the ground too, leading from your alternator/engine block to the battery. Then check that your battery is resting at somewhere between 12.5 and 12.7 volts before you go out. If for some reason relating to how you use your stereo (long play at rest combined with low RPMs or not enough run time for example) your battery is not getting an adequate charge then this same issue could eventually surface with a second battery. Its important to identify the core issue rather than just adding a bandaid.
If your battery is somewhat aged or you are deep cycling a starting battery (not a good thing to do) then your existing battery could need some attention.
Make sure that your battery once fully charged holds that charge without a measureable decline over several days. If not, its time to get it load tested. Fluid levels okay?
A voltage sensing ACR/VSR can be added. You can move all stereo equipment including the source to a stereo specific battery and leave the Perfect Pass along with all other boat operations on the starting battery. This will absolutely keep the stereo from pulling the PP supply voltage down.
Lastly, you may look into a shore charger if you have AC access or a solar charger with a smart module if you do not. This would resolve the problem of not getting enough battery restoration from your alternator before returning at the end of the day.
It will be nice to know that you are on top of the problem before the season begins and have the confidence that you can go all season long without further issues.

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01-23-2011, 08:53 AM
i thought I knew what a Perko was...perhaps not :lol:

thanks for the input guys..this gives me a few things to look in too