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KG's Supra24
01-20-2011, 12:54 AM
Figured this might be a good winter show ....

Plus there have been numerous threads on different boats. These aren't 2011's but still relevant. When I was at brostock I figured it was a great opportunity to snap some wakeboat pics.

Here is what I got. Feel free to add your own.





KG's Supra24
01-20-2011, 12:55 AM




KG's Supra24
01-20-2011, 01:01 AM




KG's Supra24
01-20-2011, 01:02 AM




KG's Supra24
01-20-2011, 01:06 AM


01-20-2011, 02:00 AM
Nice pics. Lotsa different rides out there. Very cool!

01-20-2011, 07:17 AM
lots of nice rides there. thanks for sharing

01-20-2011, 08:51 AM
Still like the boat in the second pic the best. Can't figure out why though. (I'm sure it's not the ballast friendly buddy in the back -- what? You didn't notice him? Me either the first 3 times I saw the pic.)

01-20-2011, 09:38 AM
ok after a couple minutes I see the portable ballast

01-20-2011, 12:02 PM
it looks like alot of people in arkansas have some money!

01-20-2011, 01:50 PM
When you went to brostock were you even able to get any good riding in. I want to make the trip this summer but I want to actually be able to get a few good sets it too. You think it's possible or are there wakeboats everywhere.

01-20-2011, 01:52 PM
Dang that Liquid Force boat is slammed, bet it's putting out a great wake.

KG's Supra24
01-20-2011, 02:56 PM
When you went to brostock were you even able to get any good riding in. I want to make the trip this summer but I want to actually be able to get a few good sets it too. You think it's possible or are there wakeboats everywhere.

There are alot of wakeboats out there but we got some of the best water we had all summer there. I can't tell you how awesome Bull Shoals is. It is up in the mountains so there isn't a ton of local traffic. We actually talked to a local and he said on a 4th of July weekend they can hit a cove in the lake and not see another person all day.

The pic of the Moomba Gravity Games is what it looked like in the middle of the day. You can see some of the boats lining the cove. I'm sure at that point 1 or 2 other boats were running up and down as well.

Here are a couple glass shots ...




KG's Supra24
01-20-2011, 03:00 PM
Dang that Liquid Force boat is slammed, bet it's putting out a great wake.

Of course that is the boat they used for the double up competition.

The bow had a 750 sac laying in it. I talked to the driver and a couple of the riders but none of them were certain of the set up. My assumption based on what i saw:

Bow: stock 1200 +750 that was out = 1950
Lockers: probably two 750's = 1500

There was no ballast laying out in the boat other than the bow and that is about the ratio the Supra's like.

01-20-2011, 05:47 PM
That is what I was thinking they would be running. I've been trying to decide if I wanted to add lead weight or add the integrated bow sac to my boat this year. Currently running the 1200 in the center and the 750s in the rear with about 100 lbs of lead in the bow, but still need some extra weight when there is only 3 of us out. Wish I could just use a 750 in the bow, but can't have it visible due to the no ballast law we have. Thinking I'm gonna add the IBS here soon.

KG's Supra24
01-20-2011, 05:54 PM
My buddy has a 21v. The red one towards the end of the pics. He has an ibs and I think runs close to 1700 up front and then the 1500 in the rear.

I'd have to double check on his bow weight to be certain but his wake is beautiful. I can't fill my rear 750s without needing more than 1200 bow.

Are ballast laws common? Never heard of that.

01-20-2011, 06:29 PM
seems that I remember reading part of the columbia is a no-ballast zone?

01-20-2011, 07:03 PM
I haven't heard of any area of the Columbia being a no ballast zone, but since I never ride there I haven't paid attention to it though. But there area of the Willamette that I ride in is where the 19 mile stretch of no ballast zone is. Well its not really no ballast because the law says that you can not use ballast to ride artifically bow high. But its still best to keep it all hidden even though the Sheriff knows we ride with ballast and doesn't care because we do not go down to the area of the no ballast that has the private docks.

01-20-2011, 07:41 PM
I'm still unclear why they care if anyone runs ballasts or not. Doesn't house boats have bath tubs?
Now bath tubs would be some good weighting. Think I can replace my back locker with one. :rolleyes:

01-20-2011, 08:03 PM
Great pics! Thanks for the posts. Really itching for summer now.

01-20-2011, 08:19 PM
I have thought about turning my boat into a hot tub...no law against that.

Ballast laws and no wake zones are seeming to becoming common here.

The reasoning behind the no ballast law is that the size of wake created by running ballast or other wake enhancing devices is causing the shoreline to erroide. The 19 mile stretch on the river is highly used and has 75-100 private docks on it so it as been classified as a congestion zone. Basically what it boils down to is that a couple of the docks on the river were friends with the now former Governor and they got him to push a law through so that the wakeboard boats couldn't cause any more damage to there $1 millon property. Not that the river rising to 15-20 feet higher then it is over summer and the current going from 2 feet per second to 4.5 fps can cause errosion.

KG's Supra24
01-20-2011, 09:11 PM
Ahhhh the benefits of a Core of Engineer owned shoreline :D

We sometimes go to a lake a little closer that has private docks on the water. I feel like I'm being rude if we surf or even board and aren't out in the middle of the lake.

In fact the in-laws are on that lake. I've gotten plenty of warnings from him. Ha!

KT Mobius
01-21-2011, 11:39 AM
Love seeing the boats in there natural environment. Awsome pics, bring on summer.

02-05-2011, 10:37 AM
Man that Bull shoals lake looks inviting. Is there zebra mussel laws, boat inspections every time you launch your boat? Are there house boat rentals there?

02-05-2011, 10:39 AM
Oops !! I guess I forgot the pic of the houseboat " rent me at Bull Shoals boat dock" . Where exactly is that on the lake?

KG's Supra24
02-05-2011, 11:48 AM
You can google "Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock". That is actually the name of the place.

"Is there zebra mussel laws, boat inspections every time you launch your boat?"

I don't know what zebra mussel laws are and no boat inspections to launch. Never heard of that either.

02-08-2011, 05:26 AM
Amazing.. It seems like every state has different views and actions on this subject. I'll "scroogle " it.
Thanks, Jim.

02-15-2011, 06:12 PM
Yeah, from my experience as well on a river at least, docks with boats tied up seems to be the real issue instead of erosion. The docks get yanked all over the place when a big wake comes through and bounces the boat. Ends up loosening them up - and pisses my friends off that live there...

And then small private/semi-private lakes seem more worried about erosion, which makes sense since they don't get the rushing floods wearing at the shoreline.

02-15-2011, 08:29 PM
Tons of awesome boats in this thread. Thanks for making February suck slightly less!