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11-30-2004, 07:34 PM
I am looking at getting a lift for the Mobius now that we have a lake place. I know there are a variety of lift options, and Floe International are distant personal friends (but no guarantees).

What I am wondering is what options you guys have seen for a canopy for a boat with a tower. I have an older Rad-a-cage that is not designed to break down easily - I need to use an allen wrench and have done so often that the holes are starting to show signs of wear.

I am looking for a design, either commercially availble, or home made, that will accomodate the tower while upright yet still protect the boat from rain and sun.

I have some basic ideas that all revolve around a quonset hut type design that is either attached to the lift or to parallel docks on either side.

Any ideas or existing designs welcome.


Wake Master
11-30-2004, 09:14 PM
I have an 04 mobius LSV with the tower and leave the tower up. The lift I have is made by Lakeshore products in Quincy, MI. and I do have the canopy. I have the canopy raised about a foot above the lowest level to allow me to pull in and out clean. I can also crank the boat all the way out of the water. I do put the cover on the boat during the week as the birds will sometimes come under the canopy and drop little bombs.

12-01-2004, 03:01 PM
I have an 03 Mobius LSV and a shoremaster lift and canopy. We have tried both having the canopy raised all the way and the tower up as well as lowering the tower each time and having the canopy down all the way. If you go with the tower up option I'd recommend covering your boat even with a canopy as the gap will be large and birds; leaves etc will be able to get in the boat. I had a snap cover installed that can be taken on and off in about 3 minutes and that option works really well. If you live on a lake that the water level changes a lot trying to keep your tower up can require you to move the canopy up and down with the water level or moving your lift, we had to do that a few times last summer.
Our neighbors also have a lift and didn't go with a canopy at all, they just cover their boat and it actually works pretty well and saved them money on the lift, no frame or canopy needed. As long as you have a good cover they haven't had any water in the boat.