View Full Version : JLT RAM AIR kit 04-08 F150

01-08-2011, 10:15 AM
I am selling my F150 JLT Ram Air kit, this is a solid kit i used on my F150 for apx 1 year or about 8K miles. Very easy to install took me about 20 minutes.

Right out of the box you will notice extra power and the sounds is amazing.


Heres is the advertisement.

JLT 04-08 5.4L F150 Ram Air Intake System

At JLT we decided to break from the norm with this all new Ram Air Intake for the new 5.4L 3V F-150 trucks. Until now all cold air intakes were the same old boring 90 degree bend and a filter behind the driverís side headlight. Not anymore!

With this totally new intake from JLT you get something different and something better. We shorted the distance the air needs to travel.

You get a high quality 89mm billet aluminum Mass Air Flow housing, that has been C&C milled to hold your stock MAF sensor, a large JLT heat shield designed to block the radiant heat from the engine at low speed and the HUGE, in your face, S&B life time re-usable filter, shall we say, Corvette LT1 style in front of the throttle body.

We tested this kit over and over and showed repeated results in the 25-30+ HP gain and an amazing 40-50+ TQ gain at the rear wheels!!!! Check out the gains at only 3100 RPM, 35+HP and 55+TQ!! This is power you can feel, take a look.

One big question is going to be about sucking in hot air... Well this is far from the truth. Go out and look under the hood of your truck and look down. What do you see? The ground and a huge grill. When your at speeds above 25 MPH there is tons of air flow under your hood. Datalogging inlet air temps in all driving conditions and found only 15-20 degree hotter temps under the hood in city traffic and a mere 6-8 at 55+. This proved to us that you do not need to box in the filter and not give it the air it needs.

Its sold new for 185

Id like $100 buyer pays shipping from 97007 zipcode.