View Full Version : 2011 Minneapolis Boat Show

01-05-2011, 01:34 PM
Hey all, just a heads up the 2011 Minneapolis Boat Show is this January 20-23 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Inboard lines being represented will be Moomba, Supra, MasterCraft, Malibu, Axis, Correct Craft, Tige' and Centurion.

There will not be a rail jam this year but there will be a lot more inboard boats to look at!!!

01-05-2011, 04:50 PM
I'm gonna skip that one but you have a good time. :)

01-05-2011, 07:42 PM
Wow sounds like its going to be a good one. And I think I'll be in the cities that weekend anyways... perfect!

01-05-2011, 08:20 PM
pics or it didn't happen :)