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12-10-2010, 12:04 PM
Come the March/April timeframe, I am going to be putting my boat up for sale and was trying to get a concensus on what I should ask for it. Details of the boat:
99 Outback
roughly ~500 hours
Motor is carb'd and runs great. We take the boat out all the time when I can get a crew up and when I can get back down to the water.

So, I think NADA has the boat valued at about 10k-11k, so I will start there and subtract what I think the boat would need to get it to pristine condition.

--The trailer is a guaranteed POS. The boat ramp is 5 miles from my house and it gets the job done, but I would consider it a throw-away. (Subtract $1K for used/new trailer)

--The vinyl could use a re-cover job in a couple of spots. Its still in decent shape, but to get it perfect it needs to be redone (subtract $1k)

--Gelcoat is faded (the boat is red) in some spots. Needs a good wet sand to bring it back to life. (subtract $500)

Those are the 3 biggest flaws to the boat. Engine and tranny are flawless. Have replaced most exterior parts on the motor (rebuilt carb, new fuel pump, soon to be new starter, new plugs, etc...)

So, what do you guys think I should ask for it? I am leaning towards asking $7500.
(I thought I had a picture of the boat on the computer but I dont)

12-10-2010, 12:30 PM
sounds like you're on it, but price it a little higher than what you want, as anyone is going to want some cash off to think they are getting a good deal.

based on what you list above and not seeing the boat, I would think the $500 for the wetsand would be cash I would invest prior to selling it and then add it back into the cost of the boat. the first impression will potentially make/break the deal for some and the "shinier" the boat as they walk up to it will help overcome any other issues and make someone think it's a better deal. imo, kind of like buying a car, shiney paint can go along ways toward a couple rips in the interior when buying used :)

12-10-2010, 04:25 PM
I'm with you on this one. Nobody wants to spend over $5k on a faded out boat. Remember, they have to bring it home and the ole lady is going to look at it and judge the guy. The interior is bad enough but if it looks good out the window he can explain the plan. Just get a cheapo orbital polisher. Gently wetsand with some 1400 paper and then some 2000. Start with rubbing compound then polishing compound. You may only have to sand the upper surfaces as the hull probably isn't faded as badly. Do a section every couple days till it's done. It will look amazing and the pics you post will bring your buyer. $9200-- you'll get paid for your winter work.

12-10-2010, 04:56 PM
Kaneboats is spot on with the recomendations. Spend some time getting it cleaned up will help the sale.

A shiny clean boat will sell faster than a slighlty cheaper dull looking boat-imo.

This begs the question-what ya getting to replace it with?

12-10-2010, 09:46 PM
I'm with Sandm & kaneboat on this one. A nice shiney boat will set a first impression on someone and most people will over look some interior flaws. I would spend the time and shine the boat or pay someone to do it for me this I believe will more than pay-off at deal time. I just sold a 1987 Dixie v6 I/O for $6300, now don't get me wrong this boat was extra clean, wakeboard tower, nice racks, kickin stereo, very solid boat. We ran this boat hard for the past 3 years and sold it for more than I had invested in it. I believe you should have no problem getting 8 or 9k for your boat, unless it is in poor shape. Market it right, good pics, be willing to demo the boat and list it for more than you want on Craigs List. It'll sell!

12-13-2010, 06:32 PM
I think these guys have it right on the advice. I looked at several boats before buying. And went with the one that looks like it was cared for. It was only slightly more than the others. Also, Sell it in the spring.

12-16-2010, 10:24 AM
Looks like I need to get busy wet sanding!

That is what I was planning on doing. Putting it up for sale sometime in March.

Thanks for the help everyone.

12-16-2010, 12:01 PM
I did a google search on "wetsanding" "boat" or "hull" or something and found some great info online. One guy posted pics of his whole process-- he had a red wakeboard boat-- Malibu or something. He even took the windshield off. It came out brand new and inspired me. Anyway, you could probably find some useful instructions if you ran a search. Good luck!