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12-07-2010, 01:56 PM
I picked up a 04 Outback LS for cheap at the end of the summer. Unfortuntly it did not come with every option. I noticed under the back seat there is a hard plastic tank. Has someone hooked this up for ballast, if so can you share your thoughts. Being in my mid thirties I have no desire to become an xgames wakeboard champion, but would like to play weekend warrior. I did notice the kid three doors down with his dad's Air warrior was putting out a five foot wake with 12 people on board, at least until he almost sunk the Police patrol boat. I guess my question is the hard tank enough ballast, or do I have to add an additional sack in the rear ski locker?

12-10-2010, 02:49 PM
I figured that I would chime in since no one with a similar boat has. What is the hard plastic tank? If it is a ballast tank, then there would be switches for it on the dash. Is that what it is? Could that be the fuel tank you are looking at? My 2001 Outback (non LS) has the fuel tank under the rear seat, but it is aluminum. My ballast tanks (plastic) were in the rear ski locker. I have commented to several folks with Outbacks about ballast that you can see in older posts, but bottom line is that the Outback hulls like mine (I assume your is not too much different) make a nicer wake with more weight in the front. We have mine dialed in with about 600# in the bow and about 400# in the rear at about 22.5-23.0 mph and at about 70 feet back. Much slower than this with this much weight, the wake gets washy.

12-11-2010, 12:11 AM
If you could post a picture that would help.

My brother used to have an 04 Mobius LS. I believe that the LS boats were the same with the exception of some options like ballast, and tower. His boat had a hard plastic tank under the rear seat, which was a ballast tank. It was wired and plumbed with switch on the dash.

The factory my have just put the tank in the boat as it supports the seat and left the remaining stuff off, so its an Outback and not a Mobius. The fuel tank should be under the rear storage compartment. the tank that you are looking at, I'm assuming, is empty regardless if you fill the fuel tank, thus clearly eliminating it as the fuel tank.

If you have the ballast tank, like I mentioned it maybe there as the seat support, you could add the rest of the hardware for it to work. It will take some work but useable-pickup, pumps (2 fill&drain), plumbing, vent, switches.

Post some pictures, we all like to look at pictures!

12-15-2010, 12:08 PM
Ill post up some pics when I get a chance to go the Storage facility. The plastic tank does hold up the back seat. The gas tank is all the way against the back wall behind the seat. On the 04 model there is a center ski locker that looks like a sac can go in as well.