View Full Version : Need help with Outback V tower bimini install

11-22-2010, 12:01 PM
I just received my new bimini for my 2010 Outback V. I checked the packaging to verify it was for my boat with the stock tower, and it was. I have a couple problems. The first was the with of the bimini at the point at which it attaches to the tower. It was about 7 inches to narrow. That wasn't to hard to fix. I laid the bimini down and spread each leg 3.5 inches so that it would remain centered within the tower. It actually turned out reall good. Now onto my second problem. The right and left bars on the tower were the the bimini attaches angle inward as you go toward the front of the boat, while the legs on the bimini angle inward as you go toward the back of the boat. Thus, they are not even close to being parallel to each other. There is no way that the mounting screws line up squarely. Any ideas or pics on how to solve this issue? :confused:

Thanks in advance,

11-22-2010, 12:19 PM
If I read your post correctly, when the screws are placed in the leg holes they dont line up with the threaded hole on the tower. The leg ends on mine rotate to line up with the tower. They may not on yours because they are new and are press fit in the legs which makes them very hard to turn when new. I took my canvas off to wash it this year and had to realign the ends with pliers to get it back on. Make sure you grab the the whole round bracket and not just the tabs when you attempt to turn it or it may break the tabs off.