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10-18-2004, 05:18 PM
Does anyone have any experience with portable slalom course (ex: Insta-slalom, EZ Slalom, etc.)? I've looked at their web sites and they claim that with practice they can be set up in 20-30 minutes, but I find that a little hard to believe.

Also, does anyone have experience with a system which allows you to sink and raise a permanent course? AccuSink made a system like this, but I don't think they are available now. Has anyone built a do-it-yourself version? Basically, it looks like you could take a large sub-bouy (ex: large cat-litter jug), partially fill it with sand and then also insert an air bladder (ex: lawn tractor inner-tube). Running a sytem of hoses (tubes) to the air bladders, you could connect all to a central tube that runs to the shore (or pier etc.), where a valve/gauge attachment would allow you to hook up a compressor to inflate the bladders and raise the course. To lower, you would open the valve and water would flow into the top of the sub bouy (through some holes inserted) and deflate the bladder, and the weight of the sand would pull down both the sub-bouy and the bouy on the surface. Sounds like it would work, but I'd like to hear if someone has tried this. Unfortunately we've had some vandals slice up our course this year and we're looking at some options.

10-19-2004, 08:24 PM
We have used insta-slalom in the past. The biggest hassle is storage. We were able to put it out from and outboard runabout in probably 20-30 minutes. I woudl think it would be even easier in a real boat with a platform.

They are really very simple. As you are slowly motoring down course :
0. Throw in the first anchor attached to one end
For each boat gate
1. Extend the tube - uses tent pole buttons to lock in place
2. Connect to main lines with clips attached to line
3. Connect gate bouys and turn bouy
4. Toss the assembly into the water

When you get to the end hook on second anchor and pull course straight then drop in water

If I recall they have a third anchor with a bouy attached that you pull at 45 degrees to course from one of the entry gates. This give the course 'tension' and allows you to keep it pretty straight.

I was just thinking how easy it would be to build one if I could locate the parts. I am sure there is probably more than one design available on the net. I was going to go look for one tonight in fact.

I think the worst part is hauling it back in - getting it out of the weeds and mud and such.

Clever idea on the submersible, but sounds leak prone. You may also need to check with DNR regarding permits for submersible.

10-22-2004, 05:49 PM
Thanks for the info, guys. Do you know anyone who's used the EZ Slalom? Their boom collapses into smaller sections for easier storage in the boat.