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10-14-2010, 07:42 PM
Just bought a JL Audio CL-RLC line driver. Going to use it to turn down the volume of the in cabin speakers when I crank up the tower speakers. Iím also using it to boost the input signal to the JL M6600 6 channel amp from 4V to 7.5V. Currently, I have one pair of 4V pre-amp signals feeding the six channel amp so that 4V is being split 3 ways. The increased signal voltage should give me a little bit cleaner sound although truthfully, it sounds great now. Really got it for the volume control function. Thought about getting the Kicker unit but the JL has much better specs (lower THD, higher S/N ratio).

Iíll report back as to how well it works once I get it installed and tested.

10-14-2010, 08:31 PM
Here is a little known use for the JL Audio line driver...Let's say that you have a factory head piece that you don't want to replace but you're building a better car audio system around it. The problem is that the factory head compresses the dynamic range and rolls off the bass response a bit past a predetermined volume point (some models do this). This serves to protect the light duty factory speakers and limit the amplifier clipping also as you run up the volume level. But this is really counterproductive in an aftermarket system. You can gain up the amplifier to keep the head unit out of the compression zone but now your system is at full output before the head unit reaches 11 oclock on the volume.
That results in an extra sensitive volume control that is tedious to use. It can be noisey as well. So enter the JL line driver with its remote volume controller. You keep the factory head set at 10:30 and do all the volume with the JL which gives you the broad sweep as normal not to mention the added quality preamp. You can flush it in just about anywhere.
Next application...An Ipod and the line driver is all the source electronics you need.
Next...If you are linking boats together off a single source unit the JL can restore the gain lost over great distances but also act as a protective limiter if the master source turns up the gain too hot for your auxilary input.
And so on.

Earmark Marine

10-15-2010, 01:00 AM
Thx for the info. I may get a second one at some point to control the tower speakers and then just leave the head unit at 3/4 volume all the time.