View Full Version : Boat cover rope clamps - simple, effective, cheap, quick

10-07-2010, 06:09 PM
This has to take the bang-for-the-buck crown:

Was looking for a way to eliminate having to manually tie the ropes to secure the cover.
EZAdjust Rope Adjuster, by the Grabbit Tool Co.
$3.99 for a 6-pack at Canadian Tire.
Designed for up to 3/16" rope. Though the cover rope does fit thru the center hole, the hook was tighter than preferred, so enlarged that with 1/4" drill & file.

(Measured with ropes already thru the hull hooks; rope ends in hands)
Manual rope tie: 15 seconds
EZA's: 5 seconds

Result = 67% reduction in time

Really, you can just hook the rope and not secure it on the lower clamp end. It won't slip when stationary, because there's no movement like there might be with a tent tarp line. That reduces the tie down process to 2 seconds and 87% time reduction.

Now, 10-13 seconds may not seem significant, until you're caught in a downpour.